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Homemade Thanksgiving Feast: A Semi-Success

Here’s hoping all you United Statesens had a wonderful, warm, and memorable Thanksgiving Day yesterday. After everyone left and before I went to bed, all alone, I finished one of the brought bottles of delicious red wine and watched the … Continue reading

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Photo: Ohio State beats Michigan – again!

Woody would’ve been proud…  ( And Bo would’ve SH*T !) Sometimes photos speak more than do the written word. See MadridMan below, the proud Ohio State University Alumnus (Class of 1989, Geology), watching his 10-2, 10th Ranked OSU Buckeyes beat … Continue reading

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Homestyle Thanksgiving Dinner IS ON in Madrid

I couldn’t stand it anymore. Exhausting ALL of the published possibilities of easy-in-easy-out restaurants serving a Thursday turkey dinner, I’ve resigned myself to cooking the turkey myself – IN MY OWN HOUSE. I must be crazy. My local “Chicken Shop” … Continue reading

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Photo: A Real “Body Shop” in Madrid

YIKES! Imagine my surprise when I walked through my local neighborhood and saw this through an open door; a seated woman and a headless man hanging from a cable with his arms outstretched! Clearly, this some kind of sculpture workshop … Continue reading

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Calle de San Bernardo in Madrid: Cool Street

The 2-way, 4-lane Calle de San Bernardo, the stretch between Gran Vía and the Glorieta de Ruiz Jimenez (a.k.a. Plaza de San Bernardo), is one of my favorite streets in Madrid – and I only recently discovered it! Go to … Continue reading

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La Sepulvedana Bus, Madrid to Segovia, crosses the street

Little Known Fact Among Tourists: The Old and decrepit La Sepulvedana Bus Station on the Paseo de la Florida, 11 has moved across the street to the new “Intercambiador” at Príncipe Pío Station and Shopping Center. This happened about a … Continue reading

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Vicky Cristina Barcelona Movie Review Summary

Yesterday, I finally saw the (written & directed) Woody Allen movie, “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” (official website link at left – not Firefox-friendly, though). It was good! Not great, but definitely good. The movie stars the Allen-fave Scarlett Johansson as “Cristina”, … Continue reading

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No American Thanksgiving in Madrid

About a week ago I found a list of places around which which were serving an “American Thanksgiving meal” for Thanksgiving Day – this year it’s November 27th. Encouraged that this year I was going to be able to shared … Continue reading

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Americans Don’t Like Spanish Food, and Vice Versa

EXCEPT ME!! Of course the title is a generalization – but I think it’s an accurate one. Most all “United Statesens” I know whom have visited Spain tell me the same things; “Spanish food is so fattening,” “Spanish food is … Continue reading

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Bad Economy Closes Local Madrid Stores

There was an article in last Thursday’s 20 Minutes free newspaper. It detailed the number of closings of local stores taking place due to the flagging economy. Below is my translation of the article. “The Economic Crisis Threatens Madrid Neighborhood … Continue reading

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Google Maps “Street View” Comes to Spain

Google Maps recently revealed it’s Super Cool 360º “Street View” function for the Spanish cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, and Valencia. It’s a great way to take a virtual stroll through these favorite city streets. One you go to Google … Continue reading

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Rueda: MadridMan’s Favorite White Wine

(this is NOT an advertisement!!) Rueda, a white wine produced in Spain’s Castilla y León region, is MadridMan’s ALL TIME FAVORITE white wine. l also like Galician Ribiero white wine nearly as much. Galician Ribeiro white wine is most often … Continue reading

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Another GREAT Menú del Día in Madrid

Hello loyal readers! Remember the posting I made a couple months ago entitled “Menu del Dia – Menu of the Day for Cheap Lunches“? Well, today’s another story just as incredible as that previous posting. Today I went to the … Continue reading

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A New Day in Madrid, Spain

It’s just after midnight and I hope to get some sleep – even though I woke up just 8.5 hours ago, sleeping ’til 3pm after going to bed at 8am, staying up all Tuesday night for the US Presidential Election … Continue reading

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Barack Obama, America’s Fresh Prince of Washington D.C.

“America’s Fresh Prince of Washington D.C.” © by Martin Media, S.L, ( 5 November 2008) What does this posting have to do with Spain? Answer: A LOT! I woke up today at 3pm after staying up ALL NIGHT, until 8am, … Continue reading

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Watching the US Presidential Election from Spain

It’s 3am late Tuesday night – or VERY early Wednesday morning and I’m watching the Elections for the next President of the United States of America. It’s an exciting time. Switching among CNN International, BBC World News, France 24 (English … Continue reading

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Son of Osama Bin Laden Seeks Asylum in Spain

How would YOU feel about this if you were a resident or citizen of Spain? Our initial reaction is shock and probably fear. But are we responsible for the actions of our parents? The below is the English version of … Continue reading

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