May 20, 2024

About a week ago I found a list of places around which which were serving an “American Thanksgiving meal” for Thanksgiving Day – this year it’s November 27th.

Encouraged that this year I was going to be able to shared an “American Thanksgiving Day Experience” with my best Spanish friends, I started contacting the list of places.

Americans being Americans, they tend to book ANYTHING on the day it because possible to buy, rent, or reserve – as opposed to waiting until the last minute as some older Spaniards are still doing. Young Spaniards now book far in advance but still NOT NEARLY as far as Americans do.

And because Americans are Americans, as I went through the list of places serving the special annual turkey meal I found that they were either all booked, had odd-hours available, or weren’t even serving turkey! One was serving RIBS of all things! What kind of Thanksgiving Day feast is that? Yes, it’s a feas

This is disconcerting, to say the least. Last year I shared Thanksgiving with family in Switzerland but I’m not doing that this year.

The very consideration of having to COOK A FRIGGIN’ TURKEY MYSELF (I’ve never done it!), cook all the side foods, set the table, host 8 persons in my small house (the table only seats 6 uncomfortably), cook in my tiny kitchen, AND THE CLEAN UP not only scares me to death but, well, it’s just not going to happen. Uh-Uh!!!

What’s an American boy to do?? Have a simple turkey sandwich with fried potatoes and the local bar??

UPDATE: Read the 22 November 2008 blog entry, “Homestyle Thanksgiving Dinner IS ON in Madrid.

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