May 23, 2024

It’s just after midnight and I hope to get some sleep – even though I woke up just 8.5 hours ago, sleeping ’til 3pm after going to bed at 8am, staying up all Tuesday night for the US Presidential Election coverage on TV.

After one well-baked pizza and another burnt one (now the whole house smells like smoke), along with a couple bottles of beer, I hope to be sleepy enough to get at least a few hours of R.E.M. before sunrise. Maybe I’ll do a little reading in bed. I’m finishing up “The Rainmaker” by John Grisham. Good book. A legal drama.

Tomorrow’s not a big day by any stretch of the imagination but I do have some projects, some “homework”, and some work towards the future of to accomplish. Friday, I hope to return to the gym after a week OFF here in Madrid. I was “a good boy” while in Ohio, USA, going to the gym/YMCA every two days.

The Madrid city streets are now quiet and SOME of the Christmas lights are already hung and illuminated – not sure how I feel about that though. It’s STILL autumn, for goodness sake!

Time to get back into a normal rhythm of things here after those long elections. Also, I returned from an 18-day visit in the USA just last Saturday and I’m still a little messed up.

So good night, world. Hope you all have hope for a brighter tomorrow as I do.

(This was hardly worth a blog entry, I know.)

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2 thoughts on “A New Day in Madrid, Spain

  1. I havn’t visited your website in so long. We recently returned from a trick to the Dominican Republic. The historic section reminded me of Madrid so much. Now I miss Spain so much more than I thought. We have talked about moving back there once my husband retires. He is fluent in Spanish ( I speak no spanish, or very little). He is a VP of Technology for Citigroup, Latin America. Whats the job market like there in Madrid?

  2. Hi Tam! The job market in Spain and throughout Europe is TOUGH, downright dismal, in fact. And to make matters worse, salaries are very very low in Spain, among the lowest in Europe. A lot of people coming from, say, England or the USA who are used to higher salaries can’t live on such low wages and they end up going home quickly. I’d imagine that Latin America is a better place to make a living these years where while the wages are probably low there too at least the cost of living is much much lower than it is in Spain. Sorry for not painting a brighter picture but now is not a good time to move to Spain or anywhere in Europe.

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