May 23, 2024

Little Known Fact Among Tourists:

The Old and decrepit La Sepulvedana Bus Station on the Paseo de la Florida, 11 has moved across the street to the new “Intercambiador” at Príncipe Pío Station and Shopping Center. This happened about a year ago, by the way.

All the old guides – and some of the new ones – list the Old station as the location to travel from Madrid to Segovia by bus. It no longer exists. Now, a PC City computer store occupies the space. I LOVE this computer store chain. And now it’s RIGHT on my local bus route. Woo Hoo!!

For years, the old bus location had received many complaints about bad smells, dirty conditions, beggars & drunkards hanging around. Even I, MadridMan, recall going to Segovia at least twice through this “hole in the ground” entry. Upon entering the front door you would have to go down a series of ramps to get to the lower-level where one could buy tickets, wait in the waiting area, eat something at the cafeteria, and wait for your bus to leave – HOPING you’d get on the correct bus.

The new station across the street at Príncipe Pío, located also underground in the “intercambiador” – joining buses, metro, and train – is newer, cleaner, and patrolled by police. The buses leave the station through a series of tunnels until they leave after crossing under the Manzanares river and out the Avenida de Portugal.

old-new-la-sepulvedana-bus-station-madrid.jpgWhile I haven’t been able to get a very current price, last year’s one-way ticket price was about 6.43 Euros. That’s cheap for the 1-hour trip to Segovia, in my opinion.

The bus station in Segovia is not far from the Old downtown either. You can walk from the station to, say, the Roman Aqueduct in about 15 minutes maximum. And on the way you pass a number of old churches. This bus line JUST invested in a brand new, ultra modern fleet of buses.

If you have any doubt about the departure or approximate price of the tickets, ask at any Madrid Tourist Check Point or Tourist Office around the city.

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