May 31, 2024

How would YOU feel about this if you were a resident or citizen of Spain? Our initial reaction is shock and probably fear. But are we responsible for the actions of our parents?

The below is the English version of an El País article:

Bin Laden’s Son seeks asylum in Spain citing fear of Arab Nations

Omar Osama Bin Laden, the son of the world’s most wanted terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, has requested asylum in Spain, claiming that he does not feel safe in Cairo, where he currently resides, nor in any other Arab country.

Bine Laden, who applied for asylum on Monday, will find out in 72 hours whether his application will be accepted, Spain’s interior minister announced yesterday.

Omar Osama Bin Laden, landed in Terminal 4 of Madrid’s Barajas airport on Monday, arriving on a flight from Cairo that was later due to head to Casablanca, Morocco. He had bought a ticket for the final destination of the plane.

“What we have done is to apply the law,” Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, Spain’s interior minister, said yesterday, “[Bin Laden] is currently being held in [an immigration holding room] in Barajas, and is being examined by the committee that has the legal capacity to decide whether or not this falls within the asylum claim, and whether or not we should grant him asylum in our country.”

All sources with knowledge of the asylum process have suggested that the answer will be negative. If that is the case, Omar Osama will have 24 hours to appeal the decision, and the interior Ministry will then have another 48 hours in which to give an answer. If the appeal is rebutted, he can then take his case to the courts. He would then be obliged to prove that his life is in danger in his native country.

Bin Laden, who is 28 years old and is married to 52-year old Birton Jane Felix-Brown, requested a visa to live in the United Kingdom with his wife at the British Embassy in Cairo back in April, but his request was denied due to what officials described as the “considerable public concern” his presence would cause.

Omar Bin Laden, who is one of Osama Bin Laden’s 19 offspring, has described himself as the “pacifist child” of the leader of terrorist network Al Qaeda, and has condemned the violent methods attributed to his father.

He was born in Saudi Arabia, to Syrian mother Najwa Ghanem, and lived with his father in exile in Sudan, and then Afghanistan, where, until the year 2000, he was trained in a terrorist camp. At the time of the September 11 terrorist attakcs on the World Trade Center, he was in Saudi Arabia.

Omar Osama Bin Laden married Jane Felix-Browne in Egypt in September 2006. The couple met when Felix-Browne, who already has three children and five grandchildren, traveled to Cairo for medical treatment for multiple sclerosis.

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