May 20, 2024


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Rueda, a white wine produced in Spain’s Castilla y León region, is MadridMan’s ALL TIME FAVORITE white wine. l also like Galician Ribiero white wine nearly as much. Galician Ribeiro white wine is most often served with Pulpo a la Gallega, which is boiled octopus “disks” with paprika power on top, but I much prefer the fruity, cold-served Rueda wines for everyday consumption.

I don’t mean to say that I consume wine everyday because I don’t. But it’s always good to have Rueda – and even a bottle of Ribeiro – white wine chilling in the refrigerator for that perfect, light dinner of home-made tapas, mainly lomo ham, cheese, and of course, the obligatory green-olives-stuffed-with-anchovies. A glass (or two or three) of Rueda makes the light dinner just perfect. It’s just slightly fruity, always served cold, and is easily found in supermarkets.

Rueda white wine is also commonly served when ordering “Vino blanco, por favor,” on one of Madrid’s many terrazas or bars in Madrid. Other regions have other favorite white wines served but in Madrid, it’s Rueda. Sometimes you’ll encounter the ocassional Chardoney though.

F.Y.I., the Spanish word “rueda” also means “wheel”. I don’t recall ever finding Spanish Rueda wine in Columbus, Ohio USA when I lived there but Ribeiro or Albariño, two very good Galician wines, were easy to find.

Here in Madrid, a bottle of Reuda white wine can cost anywhere from 5 – 8 Euros in the supermarket. Usually, even when ordering an entire bottle in restaurants, the prices are very affordable.

While Spanish Red Wine is MUCH more popular in Spain and throughout the world, I much prefer the lighter, colder Rueda white wine. Red wines, even the good ones, tend to leave me with a headache afterwards.

Enjoy your Spanish wines, World! I know I will !!!

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