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Wearing Shorts in Springtime

Tomorrow is the first day of June – and I’ve already broken out the shorts. I usually put it off until June 1st but a few days ago started a heat-wave which I couldn’t stand in jeans. Normally, my “what’s … Continue reading

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Rocio Molina: Suma Flamenca 2009

Last Monday evening I went, yet again, to the Teatros del Canal to see another flamenco performance. This time it was flamenco dance, headlined by Rocio Molina. What surprised me most was that it was a traditional flamenco dance performance … Continue reading

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Aurora Vargas, Pansequito: Suma Flamenca 2009

Last night at the Los Teatros del Canal was another enjoyable Suma Flamenca evening of Flamenco Singing. Coincidentally, we had the exact same 5th row seats as the previous night. Unfortunately, the venue was maybe only half-full, possibly due to … Continue reading

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Manuela Carrasco: Suma Flamenca 2009

Photo of Manuela Carrasco © Last night I watched a wonderful Flamenco Dance performance by the famous Manuela Carrasco in “Sala B” of the Teatros del Canal. She danced three times and two males each danced two numbers apiece. … Continue reading

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Vicente Amigo: Suma Flamenca 2009

A couple nights ago I attended a very good flamenco guitar concert by Seville-born star VICENTE AMIGO, as part of the Suma Flamenca Flamenco Festival. This was good timing as he was promoting his recently released (5 May) album, “Paseo … Continue reading

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15 May 2009, Dia de San Isidro in Madrid

Today is no ordinary day in Madrid, Spain. It’s May 15, 2009, which is el Día de San Isidro el Labrador – Madrid’s Patron Saint Day. So to honor his Saintness, I walked the half-kilometer to the Pradera de San … Continue reading

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Madrid: San Isidro Festival 2009

15 May in Madrid is Madrid’s Patron Saint Day, la Fiesta de San Isidro. It’s the day when Madrileños, both natives and transplants, show their pride and spirit for Madrid, Spain. And they show their pride in many ways but … Continue reading

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“El Clásico” Returns: Real Madrid – Barcelona

It’s time once again for “El Clásico“, the 2nd seasonal match-up between Spanish football heavyweights Real Madrid & FC Barcelona (a.k.a. “Barça”). This time around it takes place tomorrow night/Saturday at 8pm at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium (see webcam) on … Continue reading

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