June 20, 2024

Tomorrow is the first day of June – and I’ve already broken out the shorts. I usually put it off until June 1st but a few days ago started a heat-wave which I couldn’t stand in jeans. Normally, my “what’s socially acceptable” conscience gets the better of me and I literally sweat-it-out, but having already seen a  number of Spaniards wearing shorts I thought my wearing them wouldn’t bring too many strange looks – but a few older people did give me a glare or two.

“They say” yesterday it hit about 90ºF – and I believe it. Today, “they say”, it should be about the same. It’s definitely hotter this year at this date than in previous years. Although I remember some VERY HOT “Fiesta de San Isidro’s” on May 15th, ones which warranted shorts but I wasn’t brave enough to wear them.

Usually June is the first month when people are commonly seen wearing shorts. Of course, July, August, and the first half of September is a given. All bets are off at that time because it’s so darn hot. And me, being a hot body, HATE these summer months, my only savior are the shorts and light cotton T-Shirts. And Thank God for His invention of linen pants! Man, those are almost better than wearing shorts – when you have to wear pants.

But in these summer months when it’s HOT – and I mean HOT with a capital HOT – my superficial temperature rises as does the core, copious liters of sweat are “spent” daily while climbing my 5 flights of stairs to home, more is spent when carrying groceries, of course. It’s odd ARRIVING at the gym already sweating. But it’s true what they say, it really is a dry heat. Sounds funny, but it’s true. Every night before going to bed I take a as-cold-as-it-gets shower and I’m usually good-to-go to sleep. There’s no air conditioning in my bedroom but, in times of heat crisis, I can go to the other bedroom where there is.

Ventilation fans are essential for me. I love them. Many of the Spaniards I know hate them. They say it makes them stuffed-up, gives them colds, or just makes them feel bad. Can’t imagine that. I usually have the fan going all night long. Spaniards I know generally feel the same about air conditioners. “They’re just not natural”. And I’m thinking, “You’d rather stew in a puddle of your own sweat while lying in bed??!” Seems the answer to that question is “yes”.

More and more people buy air conditioners in Spain, disregarding the environment. Thankfully, more people are buying these humidifiers, machines which evaporates water and sends the hot air outdoors, thus lowering the inside temperature – something like that. They’re odd-looking machines but are cheaper than air conditioners and are much better for the environment apart from the electricity they consume.

Bars and some smaller restaurants will often simply open their windows at night instead of turn on the A/C. Cinemas/Theaters are often under-air-conditioned from my sub-zero-public-space-American perspective. I often find I’m fanning myself with a folded piece of paper while watching the movie. Shopping malls are usually comfortable, but I rarely patronize them.

The terrazas (outdoor/patio bars and cafés) are teaming with people in warmer weather and you always see anxious onlookers waiting for an available table.

So whether or not I like the weather, the heats-a-coming to Madrid and to Spain.

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