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2013 Madrid Gay Pride Parade Route Change

Today at 6pm starts Madrid’s 2013 Gay Pride Parade! The annual, blockbuster “Orgullo Gay” event is a Gay-Pride Celebration, attended by Gays & Straights alike, and one of the biggest in all of Europe and definitely the biggests in Spain. … Continue reading

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Spring Sprung Early in Madrid

The almond trees are blooming and buds are sprouting, too. It must have reached 70ºF here today and, surprising to no one, and it was a perfect day. A great day to have all the windows open. I know, I … Continue reading

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Madrid Summer Heat: Only the Beginning

I hate the heat. And anyone who knows me knows this to be true. “So why in the heck did you move to Madrid?” people always ask me. The short answer is that I love it here. I love Spain. … Continue reading

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Late Night, Cold Air, Open Windows

If there’s something I love it’s cool, fresh air late at night. Sure, it’s only about midnight here in Madrid but after the recent time change it seems even later. And now that we’re well into autumn the night time … Continue reading

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95ºF and Vinyl Seat Covers

If you’re old enough, you remember how it was to put your bare legs on the summer-sun-drenched vinyl seat upholstery of your parents’ station wagon – the one which had been parked outside the mall all afternoon. In short, you … Continue reading

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Summer Vacation Exodus Begins in Spain

Although it’s already July 3rd, many workers finished out the week to start vacations this Friday afternoon. This fact is verified by 32 kilometers of traffic jams on all of Madrid’s (and in nearly all of Spain’s cities) out-going highways … Continue reading

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Wearing Shorts in Springtime

Tomorrow is the first day of June – and I’ve already broken out the shorts. I usually put it off until June 1st but a few days ago started a heat-wave which I couldn’t stand in jeans. Normally, my “what’s … Continue reading

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Madrid at Peace in Summer

Today is July 6th and the summer has officially begun. How do I know this? Mainly because when you walk the streets of Madrid you see very few cars, very few people on the streets, and many many available parking … Continue reading

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