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Last Day of Summer Vacation 2009

Tomorrow – or today – is the last day of summer vacation in Spain and in many European countries. Today is the 31st of August and many Spaniards have been on holiday the entire month, facing not only return traffic … Continue reading

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Photos: Procession of La Paloma 2009 Madrid

Above: La Virgen de la Paloma procession shortly after it left La Iglesia de la Paloma (Paloma Church). It was a wonderfully clear, warm day, perfect weather for such a beautiful event; celebrating Madrid’s Virgin, “La Paloma”. Above: Some pretty … Continue reading

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Shops Closed Saturday Morning in Madrid?

It was an odd morning this Saturday morning. I got up late, had breakfast, showered, and went out to do the morning shopping at around noon. I first went to the pollería (chicken shop) and found it oddly closed. They’re … Continue reading

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Madrid: Fiestas de la Paloma 2009

The annual August Fiestas de la Paloma takes place in the area of downtown Madrid known as “Madrid de los Austrias“, and more specifically around the Plaza de la Paja, Las Vistillas with views of the Almudena Cathedral, the Calle … Continue reading

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American Caught Smuggling Cocaine through Madrid Airport

54 year old American Robert Todd W. attempted to smuggle more than 4 Kilos of cocaine through Madrid Barajas Airport today but was detained by police. The American arrived at Madrid Barajas from a flight originating from Sao Paolo, Brazil. … Continue reading

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When Neighbors See You Naked

This has happened to me more than once – more than 10 times, probably. Yes, the neighbors have seen me naked. This isn’t hard to do since the neighbors across the 5 meter-wide side street have windows facing my living … Continue reading

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Used English Language Books in Madrid

Shortly after arriving to live in Madrid I discovered J & J Books and Coffee, a English-language book store on Calle Espiritu Santo, 47, just off the Calle San Bernardo & near the Noviciado metro station. I was thrilled when … Continue reading

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The European Man Bag Carry All

Many of the world’s more conservative, aged, or otherwise homophobic people may say that “Men were not intended to carry bags. Purses are for women.” These words are most often spoken by those in the non-European world. Isn’t Spain still … Continue reading

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Happy 13th Year Anniversary to MadridMan

July 20 passed without fanfare – and without evening noticing it, in fact. Had this been a wedding anniversary I’d missed I’d be in the doghouse but thank goodness it was nothing so monumental. This happens to me every year, … Continue reading

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Understanding Spanish in Noisy Bars

Last night I went along with a good Spanish friend to meet a group of her friends – all Spanish too. We met at 9:30pm and went to the La Latina neighborhood in Madrid, an area very well known for … Continue reading

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Madrid Flamenco: Veranos de la Villa 2009

Every year the City of Madrid hosts & promotes a number of summertime entertainment attractions. This year is no exception and includes a number of flamenco performances. I’ve never been to any of these attractions or performances but am going … Continue reading

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95ºF and Vinyl Seat Covers

If you’re old enough, you remember how it was to put your bare legs on the summer-sun-drenched vinyl seat upholstery of your parents’ station wagon – the one which had been parked outside the mall all afternoon. In short, you … Continue reading

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Tetro: Spanish Movie by Francis Ford Coppola

“Tetro“. It’s a good movie. Maybe not a great movie but definitely a very good movie with lots of character. And better yet is that it’s a SPANISH movie, although directed by the great Francis Ford Coppola. I’m confident that … Continue reading

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Neighborhood Pet Lamb

It’s ODD to see this. Or is it?? For the last several weeks I’ve been hearing the familiar “Baaahhh… Baaahhh” sounds coming from the street below my house. Finally I saw it one night returning home. There she was, a … Continue reading

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Housing Crisis in Madrid Spain

I have a dream to someday own a flat here in Madrid City. It wouldn’t have to be in the Old downtown – although that’d be nice in concept. But where would you park if you own a car? Nor … Continue reading

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Phone Calls During Siesta Time

Most Spaniards know not to call friends, relatives, or even businesses during the lunch-siesta hours between 2pm and 5pm – but foreigners do not because they don’t carry the custom of siesta. During weekdays, everyone knows that businesses are closed … Continue reading

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First Day of August in Madrid

Warning: Fluff Posting Number 2… It happens every 1st day of the month. I tell myself, “This month I’ll write a blog entry EVERY DAY.” Of course, this has NEVER happened, but I did get close one time, posting about … Continue reading

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