Photos: Procession of La Paloma 2009 Madrid


Above: La Virgen de la Paloma procession shortly after it left La Iglesia de la Paloma (Paloma Church). It was a wonderfully clear, warm day, perfect weather for such a beautiful event; celebrating Madrid’s Virgin, “La Paloma”.


Above: Some pretty “Chulapas” (women in traditional Madrid costumes) and one odd-looking “Chulapo” (?) in the 15 August 2009 procession of La Paloma in Madrid, Spain.


Right: A couple of cute “Chulapos“, no doubt grandfather and grandson, both watching (or not) the procession of La Paloma soon after “La Virgen de la Paloma” left the Iglesia de la Paloma.


Left: a wonderfully dressed woman with her tall “peineta” (lace-covered hair comb) & veil as she walks in the 15 August 2009 procession of “La Virgen de la Paloma” on Calle de Toledo in Madrid, Spain. Notice her fanning her
self during a break in the “parade”.

la-paloma-neighborhood-party-madrid-2009.jpgAbove: Festival Party in the neighborhood around La Iglesia de la Paloma celebrating the Fiesta de La Paloma on 15 August 2009 in Madrid, Spain

la-paloma-procession-chulapas-chulapos-madrid-2009.JPGAbove: Chulapas, Chulapos (traditional Madrid costume), and a few women wearing traditional Spanish costume with “peinetas” (combs) and veils walking in the procession on Calle de Toledo for La Virgen de la Paloma on 15 August 2009 in Madrid, Spain.


La Virgen de la Paloma coming up the Calle de Toledo during the La Paloma procession on 15 August 2009.  “La Paloma” is Madrid’s “Virgen”. Every city has one.

The procession was long, slow, and a several brass bands accompanied them. Lots of “peñas” (clubs) represented the different Madrid communities.

Most all of the area bars were closed off to the public and, instead, had stands out front serving beer, wine, and foods in the street. I wondered what their clients would do if they needed to use the restroom. Loud, traditional music also blared out of many of the street bars, attracting passersby.

Many events took place during the Fiesta de la Paloma and I attended a few of them. There were even comedy shows for children, fan judgings, traditional Madrid dance performances, and concerts too.

Above: watch the La Paloma Procession video above on Calle de Toledo and recorded by MadridMan, on 15 August 2009
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7 Responses to Photos: Procession of La Paloma 2009 Madrid

  1. Sally says:

    Lovely photos – especially the one of grandad and grandson.

  2. MadridMan says:

    Thanks! Aren’t those two “chulapos” adorable, nose-to-nose? I’m sure Granddad is very happy to be there with his Grandson.

  3. Jim Costello says:

    Hola MadridMan – Marta my wife and I enjoyed the photos of the La Paloma Procession. We were in Madrid in April for Easter. In Torrejon de Ardoz where we were staying had processions during holy week. One of the processions started at 11:00 pm in the plaza with bands. The people carried large floats through the streets. On Easter Sunday soldiers from the Army of Spain led the procession.
    I gather these processions are very traditional in Spain and probably Italy.
    Thanks again,
    Jim (New York City)

  4. El Irregular says:

    Hola MadridMan, una aclaración:
    El odd-looking “Chulapo” es Don Hilarión, un personaje de la zarzuela “La Verbena de la Paloma”, acompañado como dice la canción de “una morena y una rubia”

  5. MadridMan says:

    Gracias por la explicación, El Irregular. Luego, alguien me dijo lo mismo sobre la historia de “Una Morena y una Rubia”.

  6. Here are some photographs from 2013. The festival looks exactly the same only the people are a little older.

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