June 20, 2024


It’s ODD to see this. Or is it??

For the last several weeks I’ve been hearing the familiar “Baaahhh… Baaahhh” sounds coming from the street below my house. Finally I saw it one night returning home.

There she was, a pure white lamb tied to a street sign outside of a newly-opened “locutorio” (phone-call, cybercafe, & money transfer center).

The lamb is the owner’s pet and takes surprisingly good care of her. Whenever I do pass by, I see the lamb eating watermelon or other fruits and rinds.

Tonight I saw the owner, a young (and very attractive) Romanian woman, giving her lamb a bath.

There was a group of locutorio clients watching the washing of the lamb – but they may very well have been, instead, watching the bending-over action of the attractive, tight-jeans-wearing blond Romanian woman. I admit my eyes were also switching back and forth from the lamb to the washer. The lamb WAS cute, yes, but….

So is it so odd to see such things on the streets of Madrid? These days it is, and many of the odder things seem to be attributed to the influx of other nationalities here in Spain. Not always, but often.

UPDATE: Now, after having written the above blog entry, it occurs to me that the animal in the photo IS NOT a lamb but rather a goat. Hmm… I never claimed to be an expert in animal husbandry.

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1 thought on “Neighborhood Pet Lamb

  1. Call me insensitive, but I have a strong feeling that little goat is going to wind up as someone’s dinner! Ever hear of cabrito? It’s baby goat on a spit and it’s damn good! Why else would you have a goat in a metropolitan area?

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