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Madrid Post Office Trip

Maybe using the word “trip” isn’t the best way to describe today’s visit to my local post office (“correos“), but it did take 15 minutes to walk there. It’s located on the far side of my neighborhood, passing the metro, … Continue reading

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Smoking Ban: Spain Takes Its Last Puff Indoors

First, Happy New Year, World! Today we find ourself riding through the mysterious date 1-1-11. I’m sure that means something to someone somewhere. Second, “smoke ’em if you got ’em” because, starting tomorrow, a Spain-wide smoking ban goes into effect … Continue reading

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Tapas Crawl in Madrid

What a wonderful Monday evening I had last night in old downtown Madrid. About 2 weeks ago I get this email from a couple of Americans with the subject line, “Show us the ropes for free tapas and drinks?” Talk … Continue reading

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Boring, Cold Friday Night in Madrid

People tend NOT to go out on very cold weekend nights. Well, that’s what I thought. Sure, the terrazas were put away and few people were walking in the streets but the bars I saw were packed! I was sitting … Continue reading

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Understanding Spanish in Noisy Bars

Last night I went along with a good Spanish friend to meet a group of her friends – all Spanish too. We met at 9:30pm and went to the La Latina neighborhood in Madrid, an area very well known for … Continue reading

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Party with MadridMan in Madrid: 24 January 2009

It’s time for the next… PARTY WITH MadridMan IN MADRID! When: Saturday, 24 January 2009, 8pm – 10pm+Where: El Brillante bar, below the Hotel Mediodia, on the Glorieta de Carlos V (a.k.a. Plaza de Atocha)Why?: Meet your fellow Madrid-lover (or … Continue reading

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August Closings in Madrid and Spain

There’s very little traffic. There are lots of parking spaces are available. Fewer people are evident in downtown Madrid – except for the tourists. These all sound like wonderful assets for those Spaniards whom stay close to home in Madrid … Continue reading

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Christmas in Madrid

Christmas in Madrid is something to experience; Christmas lights are everywhere, holiday shoppers pack the streets, and the bars and restaurants are seemingly full ALL the time! During Christmastime, getting from POINT A to POINT B in Madrid is generally … Continue reading

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Madrid Friends are the Best!

Sometimes it’s like that. Get-togethers with friends can be fine, good, or leave you feeling really really fortunate to know such wonderful people. (of course drinking lots of good beer helps too) Yesterday, we had another Movie with MadridMan gathering … Continue reading

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