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Neighborhood Madrid Restaurant Sells to Foreigners

I’m a little sad. Today is their last day. My favorite neighborhood bar, Restaurante Las Damas on Calle Fortuna, 5, in Madrid, the one where I have lunch once a week, has sold to foreigners. WHY to foreigners? Because the … Continue reading

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Lack of European Travel from Spain

There’s a part of me which wonders WHY I’ve been here in Spain for 4 years and I’ve STILL not traveled throughout Europe. What the heck am I waiting for?? Really, when I moved here I was sure I’d have … Continue reading

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158 Year Old Libreria Hernandez Bookstore to Close in Madrid

Librería Hernández Religious Bookstore in Madrid will close this year after 158 years of service. Incredible, isn’t it, that any business, let alone a RELIGIOUS bookstore, could survive so long. Religious stores, at least for me, have always been a … Continue reading

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How Bad is a 90 Cent Bottle of Spanish Wine?

This was PURELY a scientific study. No, REALLY, it was! Today, I was at my Madrid neighborhood supermarket doing my usual Friday shopping for the weekend. Since I always buy a bottle or two of Spanish wine, usually the reliable … Continue reading

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Madrid Snow 11 January 2010

It literally snowed all night long last night but stopped by this morning. Enough fell to cause countless traffic jams and icy roads. I witnessed several cars sliding down hilly streets and people using cardboard to scrape off the snow … Continue reading

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Cabalgata de Reyes Magos in Madrid 2010

Today, 5 January, is the day before Magic Kings Day or “Dia de los Reyes Magos“. It’s this night when the Magic Kings bring all good boys and girls gifts, leaving them in their shoes and socks. Children not only … Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve to 2010 in Madrid

Also read: “Puerta del Sol in Madrid for New Years Eve 2010-2011“ It’s so nice to have a GOOD excuse to sleep until noon (or almost) – and surviving a New Year’s Eve in Madrid is an excellent excuse to … Continue reading

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