Lack of European Travel from Spain

There’s a part of me which wonders WHY I’ve been here in Spain for 4 years and I’ve STILL not traveled throughout Europe. What the heck am I waiting for??

Really, when I moved here I was sure I’d have intimate knowledge of all of Europe’s nooks and crannies, but no. I haven’t visited Paris. I haven’t visited London. I haven’t visited Istanbul. I haven’t visited Rome. I haven’t visited Berlin. I haven’t visited Athens. So what’s my friggin’ problem???

I’m constantly seeing British movies and some series on “the telly” and I ask myself, “My goodness! How is it that I can get to London on EasyJet for like 88 Euros Round Trip and I still haven’t gone??” It makes absolutely no sense! I’m totally ashamed of myself!

Maybe it’s because I’m waiting for someone to accompany me. Maybe not. There are certain elements of travel which makes it easier – even more enjoyable – traveling by oneself. But there’s another which holds me back because I’d rather share the experience with someone else.

It’s not a money issue. I have the money. So what’s holding me back??? Age, maybe? Dedication to that which I have here in Madrid? I ain’t gettin’ any younger, ya’ know!

Maybe THAT should be my New Year’s resolution, to travel more throughout Europe. It’s just that there’s so much more of SPAIN I want/need to see. Maybe that’s it. Not sure. I WANT to see Europe! What am I waiting for??

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