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Rick Steves Spain 2012 Recommends MadridMan

Imagine my thrill last November in a Columbus, Ohio Barnes & Noble bookstore during my annual USA visit, leafing through the “Rick Steves’ Spain 2012” book which recommended MadridMan.com!! He wrote: “Helpful Website: MadridMan.com is run with passion by American [MadridMan] … Continue reading

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Swedish Video on Spain: Europe’s Hardest Working Nation

I think Spain has been both insulted AND praised at the same time by the below Swedish video. It is provided by the Swedish documentary program “The Swedish View“. The documentary “deconstructs” why SPAIN has been named “The Hardest Working … Continue reading

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5-Year Anniversary Living in Madrid

The day pretty much came and went without any fanfare. I realized it sometime late in the night although it had crossed my mind several times throughout the month of December 2010. On December 30, 2005, 40-year old “MadridMan” arrived … Continue reading

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Lack of European Travel from Spain

There’s a part of me which wonders WHY I’ve been here in Spain for 4 years and I’ve STILL not traveled throughout Europe. What the heck am I waiting for?? Really, when I moved here I was sure I’d have … Continue reading

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