Rick Steves Spain 2012 Recommends MadridMan

Rick Steves' SpainImagine my thrill last November in a Columbus, Ohio Barnes & Noble bookstore during my annual USA visit, leafing through the “Rick Steves’ Spain 2012” book which recommended MadridMan.com!! He wrote:

“Helpful Website: MadridMan.com is run with passion by American [MadridMan] and offers tips on sightseeing, hotels, restaurants and more.”

Respected author and travel guru, specializing in Eurpean Travel, fellow American Rick Steves does, in fact, recommend MadridMan.com in his “Rick Steves’ Spain 2012” book. Also, as I gather from his recent Rick Steves Blog, will also list MadridMan.com in his upcoming “Rick Steves’ Europe Through The Back Door 2013” edition – out in August 2012.

Rick Steves' Europe Through The Back DoorTrust me, upon reading this in his book I was all a quiver, trembling ever-so-slightly as I jotted down the quote on a piece of scrap paper. I thought, “Rick Steves likes me! He REALLY likes me!” Okay, I’ve never met the man, but I was touched by the recognition. I also have to wonder how he found me in the first place. Sure, I’ve been around since 1996 doing this MadridMan thing, but still, I’m just a guy doing what he loves and not a corporation with a staff of hundreds.

Also, anyone who knows me knows I NEVER-EVER “blow my own horn”, never self-publicize, never promote myself in almost any way apart from the business cards I bought last year – which are now gathering dust in the cupboard. I figure if you do something, anything with passion (and do it semi-well) you’ll get recognized. But this time I couldn’t pass-up the opportunity.

MadridMan.com has been often recommended in print books by Frommers, Fodors, Lonely Planet, and other travel books over the years – and I thank them all for their appreciation. The one by Rick Steves really does me proud, maybe because he’s like the American Pope of European Travel. Thanks, Rick!!!

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9 Responses to Rick Steves Spain 2012 Recommends MadridMan

  1. Rosie says:

    You work with pasion and he recognized your value. congartulations.

  2. I have to asked where is the intro photograph from?

    “Blow your horn”? It is never that when success comes your way.

    • MadridMan says:

      VERY good point, Bill from NYC! I’m a firm believer that “Do Good Work and You’ll Be Recognized”. But I also know that sometimes those recognizing you aren’t able to spread-the-word to your benefit, so I’ve don’t a little “extra” here. The intro paragraph is my own, created by me, “MadridMan” himself. :=)

  3. Well, I think Bill from NY was asking about the intro picture of your blog. If I am not mistaken, It is from “la casa de la panadería” at the “Plaza Mayor”, in Madrid.

    Kind regards,


    • MadridMan says:

      Ah, yes! Kora Orejas de Pony has it correct, of course. The Leaderboard image for the blog is of the “Casa de la Panadería” in Madrid’s Plaza Mayor. Spot On! (as the Brits say)

  4. Sonja says:

    Hey – that’s so cool! Definitely something to be proud of! Anyway, I just found your blog and have been reading it for hours cuz we’re headed for Spain this summer and will be in Madrid a couple days. Thanks for all your good info!

  5. Rosemarie Kibitlewski says:

    I have that Rick Steeves Spain 2012 book and congratulate you on being mentioned in it. Spain in 12 days – hooray!

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