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Madrid Airport Shuttle Bus from Madrid Barajas Airport to Downtown Madrid

Madrid’s Airport Express Shuttle Bus has been in operation for over a year and is an easy alternative – for many – to taxis, “cercanías” regional trains, and even the metro for getting into downtown Madrid cheaply and quickly.

MadridTours with MadridMan Madrid ToursThe 24-hour bus takes you to/from the Plaza de Cibeles or Atocha Train Station from/to Madrid Barajas Airport Terminals 1 & 2, 3, and to the new Terminal 4, for 5 Euros (update note: price raised from 2 Euros to 5 Euros on 1 May 2012) each way and takes 35-40 minutes.


  • 7-days a week
  • 6am-11:30pm: start/end-line downtown is Atocha train station
  • 11:55pm-5:35am: start/end line downtown is Plaza de Cibeles
  • 6am-11:30pm: every 15-20 minutes
  • 11:30pm-6am: every 35 minutes

I’ve taken the bus a couple times since it opened and found it to be efficient, fast, somewhat comfortable, pretty convenient, and definitely cheap. Last Sunday I took it from the Madrid Barajas T4 terminal to Atocha in mid-afternoon. It was easy to find outside of “Llegadas” (arrivals) – outside the baggage claim area for arriving passengers – following the signs for “BUS” and finding the big yellow and white sign for Exprés Aeropuerto/Airport Express. Outside of Terminal 1 & 2, it’s also outside the baggage claim area for arriving passengers, exiting the terminal to the outside, turning right, and going nearly to the far end, locating the yellow Exprés Aeropuerto/Airport Express sign and queue-up (get in line) for the next bus.

The buses themselves have 27 seats. This may not sound like a lot, but there’s also some standing space in the middle and 4-luggage racks plus below-rack space for stowing luggage in the front half of the bus. The shuttle buses are modern, with air-conditioning, heat, and also equipped with free Wi-Fi Internet, although I’ve had trouble connecting on more than one occasion.

Sometimes the buses are nearly empty and sometimes they’re very full. Just depends on your luck, the hour of the day, and whether arriving flights coincide or not. I find that it’s best to be near the front of the line to get the shuttle bus either to downtown or to the airport. This way you’re assured space on the luggage racks and maybe a seat, too. If you find yourself right at the end of the line, you may consider waiting for the next bus in order to be first in line. Otherwise, you’ll be standing on a crowded bus with your luggage between your legs.

The “comfort” in using the 5€ (note-update: price raised from 2-to-5€ on 1 May 2012) Madrid “Exprés Aeropuerto” is that you can board the bus right outside the terminal, very near your luggage claim area, and it’ll take you downtown – but not to your hotel, and CHEAPer at 5€. Getting a taxi is more convenient, faster (20minutes) and more convenient, makes no stops along the way, and takes you directly to your hotel – but also costs 25€-30€ from the airport to Atocha Train Station, for example, with the supplement included.

MadridTours with MadridMan Madrid ToursThe bus’ down-side, of course, is that that you still have to get to your hotel upon leaving the Express Bus at Plaza de Cibeles or Atocha Train Station. From there you can walk, take the metro, or hire a taxi to take you the rest of the way. The reverse is true, too. When going TO the airport, you’ll have to make your way from your hotel – with luggage in tow (literally!)- to Plaza de Cibeles or Atocha to catch that bus. This may not be feasible for everyone.

Taking the metro is another popular and cheap option at 4.50€ to 5€, including the 3€ supplement,  (update: price raised from 2.50-to-5.00€ on 1 May 2012) although it takes a little longer, but you can get closer to your hotel this way. You may also have to change metro train lines 2-4 times and carry your luggage up/down stairs to make those metro line changes.

Arriving by plane to Madrid Barajas Airport is exciting enough. But once you’re on that bus heading through downtown, passing the Retiro Park on your left, rounding the majestic Puerta de Alcalá, stopping at the fountain-centered Plaza de Cibeles, and then down the tree-lined boulevard of Paseo del Prado to Atocha train station gets me all-a-flutter just thinking about it – and I live here!!

MadridTours by MadridMan Madrid Tours

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242 thoughts on “Madrid Airport Express Shuttle Bus

  1. Thanks for the very informative article. I been reading about this but this is the best information I have read on the subject. I was wondering for my next trip to Madrid, should I the train or the bus.

    I will still take the train to Sol from the airport. But it is good to know that there is backup plan, the bus just in case something happens.

  2. Thank you so much for this helpful information. I’ll be visiting Spain arriving on the 22nd and this will help me make the change from the airport to the Atchoa Train Station and on to Toledo. I’ll be there for three weeks and am planning on coming back into Madrid several times during my vacation. How exciting – Spain – can’t wait!

    1. Glad you found the posting about the Express Bus useful. It really couldn’t be easier. And since Atocha’s the last stop, you won’t stress about getting off in the correct place! If you’d like to do a meet-up, I’m always available! Have a wonderful Spanish Holiday! I know you will.

    1. My pleasure, Jeannette! And riding that bus is a pleasure, too! If you get the chance to hop-on, it’d be great if you could come back here once again and share your experiences. If you think of it, that is. Happy Travels!

  3. Hi MM,
    I thought I’d let you know how easy and terrific this Express Airport bus was on my trip.
    I landed at Barajas T4, picked my bag up and the bus was at the stop outside the Arrivals doors and across the first lanes. T4 seems to be the beginning point, as there wasn’t anyone else on the bus yet. I got on, paid the 2 euros, stashed the bag and took a seat. The bus traveled to the other terminals and on to Madrid we went. It was dark, so not much view, but great to not be lugging things through the Metro (efficient as it is). I chose to get off at Cibeles and walk *downhill* to C/Cervantes where my hostal is. This worked great and I was checked in, settled and off to find something hot to eat and a glass of tinto very quickly. This was Feb 3 which, as you might remember, was stunningly cold! The next morning I walked down to Atocha and caught the Ave to Córdoba where I spent 2 amazing weeks.
    On my return to Madrid, I checked to confirm where the Express bus stop at Atocha was and it was very easy to locate. Sunday morning, I arrived at the Atocha bus stop at 6:50am. The bus arrived at 7am and, again, we were the first pick-up so everything was wide-open.
    The only thing that might be helpful would be to have the stops or terminals either announced or displayed as we come to them. It was surprising how much distance was between the terminals. But, it wasn’t difficult at all to know where we were.
    All-in-all, the bus is a terrific option to get into Madrid from Barajas. It really helped to have the photos and guide here, thanks again!

    1. Glad you found the Madrid Airport Express bus easy, Marie! I can’t say I’m surprised at all. Thanks for your comment. 🙂 Your idea about announcing the stops ahead of time. Aren’t they shown on the LCD display towards the front of the bus, over the entrance? I’ll have to look at that the next time I get it.

      1. Hi! I’ve just added a Google Maps image with the Madrid Atocha pick-up/drop-off location for the Madrid Airport Express Bus. I should’ve done this sooner. Sorry about that!!

  4. Dear MadridMan

    Found your wonderful site through Rick Steve’s.
    I need help with a few questions please –
    1. In general, how much should we budget for food per day for a family of 4 ( kids ages 18 and 12)?
    2. Would my younger one be allowed into bars etc.?
    3.we considered taking a fast train from Sevilla to Madrid to save time. Does that make sense?
    4. We need to catch a 9:am flight out of Madrid and are staying at the Eric Vokel apartments – what’s the best option for us? Should we take a taxi/metro/bus?
    we are on a driving holiday – drive down from Barcelona to Valencia to Granada , Sevilla and Madrid. We have about 15 days.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Glad you found me through Rick Steves! What a great resource he’s had all these years. I’m so honored to have been “touched” by him – figuratively, of course. hehehe..
      To answer your questions:
      1) As for a daily food budget for 2 adults and two full-grow kids (which CAN tend to eat more than adults!), it all depends on the level of service you’ll require. If you can settle for toast and coffee for breakfast, that’s one thing. A sit-down, full-breakfast is different, of course. Lunches can run anywhere from 10-25 Euros per person. Dinners can be light with tapas and wine (drinking age in Spain is 18 years old) for 10-15 Euros per head or a sit-down dinner can run 25-35 Euros per person.
      2) Bars serve alcohol to 18 year olds, but even children are allowed in bars – they just can’t drink. “This Is Spain”. And in Spain, bars are not like US bars, dark and gloomy with vinyl seat covers and neon signs. They’re bright, lively, family places, always. There are several different kinds of “bars” in Spain, but the ones to which I’m referring are the tapas and neighborhood bars. There are also “Bares de Copas” which are for strictly drinking, no tapas (usually), and these places can be loud, dark, modern (sometimes), and not welcoming to strollers, but also not very welcoming to your average tourist, either.
      3) Taking the AVE from Sevilla to Madrid should save you a several hours as compared to taking the bus, but will cost (a lot) more, too. The train is VERY comfortable, too, and takes about 2.5 hours. The Socibus Bus takes about 6.5 hours and costs 20 Euros.
      4) If your flight is international, you’ll want to be at the airport no less than 2 hours ahead of time – 3 hours, even better. You could get the Madrid Airport Express bus if you can taxi from your apartment to, say, Plaza de Cibeles no later than 6am – 5:30am, even better to be sure.

      Yours sounds like a fantastic trip, Payal! If you’d like more input than mine, feel free to register and post your itinerary on our ALL SPAIN Message Board so that our other Spain experts can consider your plan. Happy Travels!

  5. This is the most detailed and helpful info.. Thanks you very much! We are going to take the bus to town from T4. One question, My family will arrive a few hours early at T1 and they will meet us in T4, is there more than one arrival point in T4 after passing thru the custom area? We won’t have bags check. Just want to make sure we can find a meeting point. Thanks!

    1. Glad you found it useful, janet! Once you pass through the T4 customs you and all passengers will pass by the luggage claim area and exit through the same door. You can meet your arriving party from T1 at the arrivals gate through which you’ll exit. From that point, you all can leave the terminal to find the Airport Express Shuttle Bus into the city. OR, you could all just meet at the Express Bus stop at T4 outside. (unless it’s too hot, that is)

  6. Thanks. Still confused about thing. Does the bus stop at Cibelas during the day on the way to the airport or only Atocha direct to the airport?


  7. Hi MadridMan,
    The same question Andy asked. Do all day time buses (going from the airport around 4pm and leaving to the airport around 6.20am) stop at Cibelas? My hostel is closer to Cibelas than to Atocha, so it would be great help, if they do 🙂

    Looking forward to Madrid in a week!

  8. Thanks great info will try it out.
    Your pix explain everything.
    If I get lost will post my results!!!
    Thanks again

  9. Dear MM
    Very grateful for the info. Will be arriving on 1Nov at 1230 and catching the 1705 train from Atocha to Granada. Would want to think that we have ample time to make reservation for our train tickets first before doing sight seeing around the area. Thank you

    1. Hi, Fandi! You bet you’ll have more than enough time to catch that 1705 train from Atocha to Granada if you’re landing at 1230 at the Madrid airport. No problem at all. Happy Travels!

  10. hi, Im taking a train from Alicante to Madrid in April, there are 2 Atocha train stops , Madrid Atocha Cercanias and Madrid Puerta de Atocha, could you tell me which of these train stops I should get off to take the airport bus ?

    1. Hi, Patricia! Thanks for your message. I’m surprised your train gives you a choice of stops at Atocha!! But if you can choose, get off at Madrid Atocha Cercanías. The exit up the escalator to outside from this station is about 5-10 meters from the Madrid Express Express Shuttle Bus stop. In the blog entry, the Google Aerial map circles the Atocha Cercanías station entry/exit. The structure is circular. You can get a better look at it at the photo at the top of THIS ARTICLE. If you get off at the Madrid Puerta del Atocha, that just means you’ll have to walk further to get to the bus stop. Happy Travels!!

  11. Hello there,
    I have to get from the Airport around 10.30a.m. to collect a parcel at Barrabes, Calle O`Donnell and get back to Terminal 4 for 1p.m. Is there any way i can get from O`Donnell without having to go into town?

    1. Hiya, Charlie!
      I think for the timing it could be challenging, all depending on the speed/quickness at which you can A) get the shuttle buses in and out of Madrid, and B) the time it takes to get back through security at Barajas on your return to Terminal 4.
      I see the Barrabes Store on Calle O’Donnell is about 5 blocks west of the O’DONNELL Airport Express Shuttle Bus stop (see map here).
      On your inbound route, you can get off at the O’Donnell stop at the corner of Calle O’Donnell (traveling westbound into town) and Calle Doctor Esquerdo (a north-south street), and walk those 5-blocks west to the Barrabes store, pick up your package, and walk back to the bus stop to get the Airport Express Shuttle Bus back to Terminal 4.
      Thing is, it could take 30-minutes from/to Terminal 4 to/from the O’DONNELL stop, but there’s no telling how long you’ll wait for the bus before you can get on your way to/from. It’s possible. At the very least, you could take the bus TO O’Donnell and, if you find the return bus it taking too long, you could then get a taxi back to Terminal 4.
      Hope this helps, buddy. Best of luck!!

  12. Can you help ..! ? We are arriving in Madrid at 13.20 on a flight, and hoping to catch the train from Atocha at 15.00 to Seville. Does that sound about enough time between the two and is the bus the best way to get from the Airport to Atocha? Thanks alot – and hope you can solve my worry! Cheers,

    1. Assuming there’s no issues/delays at immigration or baggage claim, you should make that train at Atocha at 15.00 with a few minutes to spare. Give yourself 35-40-minutes on the bus to get from the airport to Atocha. If while you’re waiting to get the shuttle bus at the airport, you find it’s not coming or is taking too long, you can then decide to get a taxi. Taxi is “the best way” from point-A to point-B, but it’s also the most expensive way. You can get taxis immediately upon leaving baggage claim, no waiting (unless theres a line of people at the taxi stand), and no stops, either along the way as you’d have on the bus, 2 stops (O’Donnel and Cibeles), after leaving the airport complex before arriving at Atocha. Best of luck!

  13. Hi! I am arriving in Madrid April 30. Your posts have been helpful regarding the shuttle bus. Could you advise where I can get an affordable 1-2 bedroom apartment with a kitchenette in heart of Madrid? Close to the shuttle bus of course. This is for my friend and I. We are only there for 3nights. This is the my first trip to Europe so I want to make sure I see everything. Any information you can provide would be appreciated.

    1. Hello, Nicky! Thanks for your message. I really can’t recommend any particular apartment because I don’t know much about them. You can find a good list of many on MadridMan.com Madrid Apartments and MadridApartments.net. The Shuttle Bus stops at both the Plaza de Cibeles and Atocha Train Station so look for apartments near these two places. Best of luck and enjoy your stay in Madrid!!!

      1. Hi! We have booked at the Gran Via Barquillo downtown Mardrid- Chueca- Calle Barquillo 33. Can you advise if bus or train is better and where we get off?

  14. Dear
    At which station shall i get off the bus to reach hostal buelta – doctor drumen street. and what should i take after the bus

    1. Hostal Buelta is just across the street from the Atocha Train Station. The Madrid Airport Express Shuttle Bus’s last stop is the Atocha Train Station so you’d only have to cross the street. Very convenient. Have a nice visit to Madrid!

  15. Hello MM,
    I need to go from Granada to Madrid Airport for a 12:30 flight on the 31st of March. I’d like to stay as long as I can in Granada, and see that the last train is at 6:05 pm on the 30th. That puts me in Madrid Atocha Train Station at 10:44 pm. Can you tell me my best bet for going from there to a convenient hotel?

    1. Hello, Sue D.! Are you asking about hotels in the area around the Atocha Train Station? What’s your price range? There are dozens of place nearby at many different prices, from cheap “hostales” to 5-Star Hotels. Give me your requirements and I’ll try to fit you with something.

      1. MadridMan…
        I get into Madrid 8:35am on 4/21 and take the train Madrid Puerta de Atocha at 11:35a.m. to Pamplona.. Am I going to have enough time to take the express bus to Atocha? Looks like from your msgs I get the bus at Terminal 1 to Atocha (the last stop?) and it takes 30 minutes? kindly, charle

        1. Hi, Charlene! So you have 3 hours total to catch your train at Atocha train staiton. If you arrive at Madrid airport at 8:30 from an international flight, I’d imagine you’d need, at the most, 1 hour to pass through customs and get your luggage. That leaves you 2 hours – which is plenty of time. While the trip on the Express bus only lasts 35-40-minutes, you may have to wait outside for up to 20-minutes for the next bus to arrive for pick-up. As I mention in the blog, if you find yourself at the end of the long line to board the bus, you may want to consider letting those (whom want to) pass and board before you, and then you can get the next bus so that you can be one of the first on. This way you’ll also have luggage-rack space. Otherwise, you may have to stand for the entire route with your bags/luggage around you. It’s just a thought, considering comfort. The bus picks up passengers at T4 (end point), T2, and T1 and goes to the Atocha Train Station, the end-point during day-time hours, 6am to 11:30pm. Outside of these hours, which does not apply to you, the last-stop downtown is the Plaza de Cibeles. Happy Travels!!

  16. thanks so much for the photos! they really helped alot..
    i’m taking the bus to atocha and then walking to the hotel mediodia.. and at least i know where does the bus stop!

    1. No problem, Fei! The Hotel Mediodia is just across the street from the Atocha Train Station, as you know. Best of luck and enjoy your visit to Madrid and Spain!!

  17. Hi MadridMan,
    Wonderful info you have here, very valuable.
    I was wondering what’s the most efficient way to get
    To Xanadu mall from the airport and back and how long is it.
    I need to get to an Apple Store to fix my device.
    Maybe another store is easier to get to, I saw 3 stores total in Madrid.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello, John! Xanadul Mall has no metro station so the only way to get there is by city bus from the Príncipe Pío mall and “intercambiador de autobuses”. It’s like a bus hub. Príncipe Pío es a mall, too, but they also have a regional bus station and regional train station.
      How to get to Xanadu Mall.
      There’s another Apple Store at the Parquesure Mall which you can reach by either bus or regional train or metro.
      None of the above have easy access to them, I’m sorry to say, as they’re both way outside of the city center as is the THIRD Apple Store in Las Rozas – only reachable by bus.
      Won’t it be great when they FINALLY open the downtown, Puerta del Sol Apple Store?

  18. Hi! We have booked at the Gran Via Barquillo downtown Mardrid- Chueca- Calle Barquillo 33. Can you advise if bus or train is better and where we get off?

    1. Hi, Nicky!
      That apartment’s address, Calle Barquillo 33, is in the middle of everything. That is to say, it’s in the middle of nowhere for 5-blocks to the nearest bus or metro station. Actually, the nearest metro station, CHUECA, is about 2-blocks away from the apartment, but since you’re taking the Madrid Airport Express Shuttle Bus it’d probably be best to just walk from the Plaza de Cibeles (bus stop) to the apartment rather than take the metro and change lines, probably taking 20-minutes to get to the CHUECA metro station and then still have to walk 2 more blocks. You could take a taxi from Plaza de Cibeles to the apartment, however. That won’t cost much since it’s only about 6-blocks away from Cibeles, but not sure the taxi driver will want to take you such a short distance, either. Check out the would-be metro route and time, entering your FROM and DESTINATION metro stations (FROM: Banco de España (which is on the Plaza de Cibeles), TO: CHUECA) at http://www.metromadrid.es/. Best of luck!

  19. Thanks so much for the great info! Arrived today, picked up luggage and walked out to a waiting Airport Express right across the street…..got off at Plaza Cibeles and took a quick 5 min walk to The Regina Hotel….super quick, easy and cheap alternative to taking a cab!

      1. Hi, please see my previous post and let me know your response. Hi! We have booked at the Gran Via Barquillo downtown Mardrid- Chueca- Calle Barquillo 33. Can you advise if bus or train is better and where we get off?

  20. Hi, arriving from Australia, if we get the shuttle from airport can you tell me how far it is from Atocha station to Hotel Gran Melia Fenix, Calle Hermosilla 2, need to know if we are able to walk the distance or if we would need to take a taxi. So looking forward to a great holiday

    1. Hello, Sandra!
      The Hotel Gran Melia is roughly 7-blocks north up the Paseo de Recoletos from the Plaza de Cibeles – which is the stop BEFORE the end-point stop at Atocha train station. If you’re in good physical condition and don’t have much luggage, you could walk those 7 blocks north to your hotel. According to Google Maps (direction), it would take you roughly 12 minutes to walk the 900 meters from point A to point B – under normal walking conditions. Walking from the Atocha train station would be too far. Besides, there’s no point since you can get off at Plaza de Cibeles. If you DON’T feel like walking those 7 blocs from Plaza de Cibeles, there are 5 buses which take you north, bus number 5, 14, 27, 45, 150. These buses take you from Plaza de Cibeles to the bus stop JUST before the intersection of Paseo de Recoletos and Calle Hermosilla. It’s the stop immediately AFTER the Plaza de Colón. See routes at EMT Madrid Bus Routes. 1.50 Euros per single ticket or 12.20 Euros for a 10-trip ticket. You can buy single tickets on the bus itself, but not the 10-trip tickets. The 10-trip tickets must be bought at metro station vending machine kiosks. Have a GREAT holiday!!

  21. hi there…am landing at 9am in madrid and need to get to attocha. will be with husband and 2 small children. do you still recommend the bus? how much travel time should we plan for?

    1. Hi, Michelle! According to World Taxi Meter, it’ll cost you about 26.60 Euros (with airport supplement included, but not with Train station supplement included – but in total, it should be less than 30 Euros) for the trip from Madrid Barajas Airport to Atocha Train Station and should take about 19 minutes in perfect conditions. It could cost a little more since there will be four of you. Do you think all your luggage will fit in the trunk of a taxi? That may be the determining factor. The Madrid Airport Express Shuttle Bus will then cost you 20 Euros for the 4 of you so you would save 10 Euros, but the bus may be full. If I were you, with 2 small children, I’d take a taxi (one of you sitting up front with the driver) to avoid the hassle and make for a more comfortable ride to the train station. There will be more traffic at 9am, mind you, so you might well add 15-30 minutes to the estimated travel time to be sure. Happy Travels!!

      1. Similar question, 6 of us arriving internationally Saturday morn at T4 at 7:40 on a layover and heading back out at 17:00. We want to see the Prado + Plaza de Oriente, etc. Worried about traffic on the afternoon trip to the airport so thinking circanais is the best afternoon way. Is that also the best way in? Or the bus? Ease and speed are main factors. No luggage.

  22. Hi, there, mr MadridMan. Yours is the clearest and most informative blog I have come across after a week of researching about how to get to atocha train station.
    My husband and I are arriving at T1 about 15:45 in June. Now that you’ve laid out so clearly how to get to atocha railway station, it shouldn’t be a problem. May I ask if you know it’s within walking distance from the train station to Chic & Basic Hotel, Madrid, with a luggage and handcarry luggage as well? Would appreciate your input very much.
    Thanks again for your wonderful blog.

    1. Hello, Ck Ong! Thanks for the comments and compliments. I’m always happy to be of assistance to my fellow travelers to Madrid. (I guess technically *I’M* not a traveler since I live here, but I still feel like one!)
      Your Hotel Chic & Basic Atocha is on Calle de Atocha, 113. In perfect conditions, that’s about 10-minutes walking (slightly uphill) from Atocha train station to your hotel, according to Google Maps (using “directions”). Having luggage, however, might take you 15-minutes. If you’re fit and mobile, it shouldn’t be a problem. Happy Travels!

  23. Hi i m going to madrid this june and i my hotel is in city center near puerta de sol ,,, is it near the bus stop or not please??? coz i ll carry my bags from the bus stop till the hotel ,,, Thanks a loooot

    1. Hello, Riham! The nearest bus stop to the Puerta del Sol for the Madrid Airport Extress Shuttle Bus is at the Plaza de Cibeles. (near the northwestern corner of the round-about) According to Google Maps, the walk will take about 10-minutes under perfect conditions (i.e. “no luggage”) and it’s at a slight uphill grade. It might take you 15-minutes from the bus-stop to Puerta del Sol, never leaving the Calle de Alcalá. If you’re traveling with a full-size suitcase – and in good physical condition and patient, I’d say you could do it. Good luck!

  24. Hello, and thank you for the informative article!

    You have inspired me to take the bus to the airport. I will need to leave between 5-5:30 a.m. (night time hours) from O’Donnell to get to the airport before my 7:10 flight. I just wanted to double check with a seasoned veteran that that there will be an express bus between this time at O’Donnell, correct? The bus website is not very helpful.

    I am saving your blog so I can refer to it in the future. Thanks for the help!

    1. Hiya, YanceysFancy! The bus passes through the O’Donnell stop both going and coming, no matter what day and no matter what hour. But at the hour you’re going to the airport, their website says that “nighttime bus” leaves the Plaza de Cibeles for the airport at 5:10am and and 5:35am. Those buses might take 10-20 minutes to reach the O’Donnell bus stop towards the aiport. The trip from Cibeles to the airport takes about 30-35 minutes (40-minutes from Atocha). Best of luck and happy travels! Enjoy your stay in Madrid.

  25. Great website! Just to confirm a few things before I spend the money:

    1. the express shuttle bus is still running from Barajas to Atocha on a daily basis, for 5euro ?

    2. the trip is approx 1 hour. does this include traffic? I’ll be arriving at the airport about 10:30am and will be looking to catch a Renfe train about 90 minutes later. would I be cutting it too close?

    1. Hiya, Ed! Good to hear from you and thanks for the kind words.
      1) YES! 5 Euros. That bus runs every day of the year. At late nights, from midnight to about 5:30, however, it only goes as far as the Plaza de Cibeles (also near old downtown, metro BANCO DE ESPAÑA is the nearest metro station from there).
      2) The trip is actually approximately 35-40 minutes. That does include traffic, yes, but cannot account for the odd traffic jam or highway accident, of course.
      You should be okay with 90-minutes, Ed. Unless there’s a delay or hold-up at customs then baggage-claim (which could take 25-45 minutes alone), you should make it. But if you find the time it takes to get outside to the common area it too late, just take a taxi to be sure. Keep in mind, however, that you’ll pay a supplemental fee for the Airport pick-up and then another for the train station drop-off, neither of which is reflected on the Taxi meter. You’ll see stickers inside the cab, in English, explaining the supplemental fees. Happy Travels!!

      1. great! thank you for the prompt reply.

        do you happen to know a few things about Renfe? I presume it’ll be best to prebook to help secure the best price and avoid a sell out – but if I was to miss a train due to any of the potential delays you’ve mentioned, do they honor that ticket on the next train – so long as the fare would typically be the same?

  26. Hello,

    Thanks very much for the information, however I am slightly confused about the stop at Plaza de Cibeles. Can I catch the express bus from Cibeles to the airport on a Monday at about 10am? Or is this stop only for the night bus?

    Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hello, Katy!! Yes, the bus stops at the Plaza de Cibeles at all times of the day and night, coming and going, all year-round. During those late nighttime hours, the Plaza de Cibeles becomes the end/start point for the bus route until the morning – when the Atocha Train Station becomes the end/start point of the route.

  27. Hi,

    I’ll be arriving on a Thursday evening in Madrid and am planning to take the express airport bus to the Plaza de Ciebles. How far is the Hotel Regina from there? Is it an uphill walk? We have heavy luggage in tow.

    Thanks so much!


    1. Hi, Rachel! Hotel Regina is located at Calle de Alcalá, 19. Take a look at Google Maps and Google Maps Street View and you’ll see the hotel is a straight shot up a gentle grade on Calle de Alcalá about 600 meters from the Plaza de Cibeles (where the bus stops). Under perfect conditions, it may take you 10-minutes onfoot. But with heavy luggage in tow, you might take 15-20 with a few stops along the way to rest. Best of luck!

  28. Great site. I am planning to arrive in Madrid at 11am on Sept 7. I have purchased my renfe tickeds from Madrid to Seville for the 2pm train. Hopefully I will have enough time. I am planning to take the airport shuttle. One question I have is – I have printed out my renfe tickets. Can I use these or do I have to exchange them for something else while in Spain?

    1. Hi, George! Yes, your printed-out tickets will be all you’ll need to check-through to get your train. That ticket has a kind of bar-code which they’ll scan and give back to you as you pass through to the train area. Your 3-hour window should be more than enough time to get to the train. Happy Travels!!

  29. I am arriving at 11am on Sept 7. Hopefully everything is on time. I have booked the 2pm train to Seville. This should be enough time from reading above. I am planning to take the bus. I like easy. Get on once get off once.
    One question – I have bought the renfe tickets on line. Will my piece of paper get me on the train or do I have to exchange the paper for a proper ticket?

    1. Hi, George! Yes, your printed-out tickets will be all you’ll need to check-through to get your train. That ticket has a kind of bar-code which they’ll scan and give back to you as you pass through to the train area. Your 3-hour window should be more than enough time to get to the train. Happy Travels!!

  30. Hi,

    I accidentally found your website. It helps me a lot, thanks.

    I have question, my flight from Indonesia will be arrived in Madrid barajas around 11.45 am (with customs and baggage etc probably 1 more hour).

    Which do you prefer for going to Pamplona, bus from T4 or train from Atocha? both will depart at 3 pm also. This is my first time in Europe and have no idea about the bus and train 🙂 Also, I surely have enough time to catch the train to Atocha no?

    Thanks again

    1. Hello, Sysilia! Glad you found MadridMan.com useful. I prefer train travel, but it’s also the most expensive form, so keep that in mind. It’s usually much faster and more comfortable, too. The Cercanías commuter train from TV takes about 26 minutes to Atocha while the express bus will take nearly twice that as far as travel time goes. Getting to the Cercanías commuter train station, however, will likely take you longer than getting to the Express Shuttle Bus, though. But then again, you may have to wait up to 15-minutes for the bus to come. You’ll have a total of 3.25 hours to get to your train – and that’s probably 50% more time than you’ll need. Best of luck and happy travels!!

  31. Perfect to know how to get from T4 to train station!

    Is it correct that one cannot buy a train ticket until 30 days before departure?

    What’s your best advice about arranging for/gettingtransport from Muxia or Finisterre to Santiago & then train to Madrid-Barajas airport?

    In gratitude.

    1. Hi, DianeInSoCal! No, it’s not true that cannot buy a train ticket until 30-days before departure. I believe you can buy them up to 45 days in advance. I just checked the RENFE.com site and was able to do it up to 45 days, but not for 60-days.

      From Muxia/Finesterra you will most likely have to get a bus to Santiago and then you can get a bus or the train to Madrid, then Madrid to the airport. Happy Travels!

      1. !Hola, MadridMan ~

        I found bus service from Muxia to Santiago (2 hour trip) + on RENFE a train leaving Santiago about 16.00 to Estacion de Chemartin, which I understand is at the north of Madrid. Of the 4 trains there are none direct from Santiago to Estacion de Atocha.

        Two questions:

        (1) is a taxi the most practical way to get from Chemartin to an airport hotel seeing as how the train arrives about 21.30? And could you happen to estimate the cost?

        (2) what hotels @ the airport do you recommend? I have a flight departing Madrid-Barajas @ 10.05 Sat Nov 1st.


        Love the photos & stories.

        1. 1) According to WorldTaxiMeter.com, a taxi would cost about 20 Euros (the listed supplement is only if you’re going to the airport itself, but you’ll be charged a smaller supplement if picked up at Chamartin Train Station. This is the most practical way if you have luggage. You could take the commuter train from Chamartin Station to T4 Madrid Barajas Airport, but you’d then have to get a taxi from there to your hotel – which I don’t think is worse all the hassle and back-and-forth.

          2) I don’t really recommend any particular hotel near the airport. Keep in mind that the hotels are not on the airport grounds like they (many of them) are in the USA. You’ll likely have to get a taxi from the hotel to the airport and are in a kind of business district with office buildings surround it. Most of them are pretty expensive, too, most being 4-star hotels and usually starting at 100 Euros per night for a single. The only experience I have with Madrid Barajas Airport area hotels is with the Hotel Auditorium. This one does offer a free airport shuttle bus service.

          Happy Travels!

  32. Thank you for the clarification! I waited anyway & will head to RENFE site now. Also, thanks for the tips about how to return to Santiago. From that point I was planning on the train to the airport. Traveling mercies: enjoy the journey, go with your God or Godddess, and come home safe & sound.

    1. No problem, DianeInSoCal. Yes, from Atocha Cercanías to T-4 you can get the cercanías train – and hope there aren’t many people onboard. Enjoy!

  33. Hi, we were hoping to buy a return bus trip ticket from Madrid – Granada. However from Madrid we plan to leave from the city centre, while when returning from Granada, we would like to go direct to Madrid airport. Is it possible to then simply buy a return ticket using ‘Madrid’ and ‘Granada’ on the search counters on Alsa – do they generically refer to all stops in the city? Or do we have to buy each journey separately with one having the destination as ‘Madrid Airport’? Thanks! Really found your blog super-useful!

    1. Hello, Sushma! According to the Alsa.es bus website, in order to get the return ticket (“round-trip”) your departure and return points must be the same. Yours is not the case, unfortunately. The Alsa.es website lists the starting/return point in Madrid as either “MADRID” or “MADRID AIRPORT T4”. The difference in price is less than 4 Euros for buying two 1-way tickets. Happy Travels!

    1. That’s an excellent question, Priscilla! They don’t mention any ages on their prices page so I guess we have to assume all passengers pay the same – although I can’t believe babies in strollers would be charged, but who knows.

  34. We will soon be making our first ever visit to Madrid.Please could you tell me where we pick up the Airport Express bus ,from Terminal 1?
    Also, will there be anything on the bus to tell us when we have arrived at Plaza De Cibeles?
    Thank you very much for your most helpful site.

    1. Hello, Aileen! Once you exit luggage claim into the common area of Terminal 1 look for the BUS sign leading you outside and the Express Bus stop should be to the right.
      At the front of the bus, you should see an LED sign telling you where the next stop is. But if not, look for the big “Puerta de Alcala” gate (see last photo at end of blog) and the next stop will be the Plaza de Cibeles. Enjoy your stay in Madrid!

  35. Hi MM
    I arriving from Thailand, if we get the shuttle from airport to Hotel NH Nacional,Paseo del Prado,48,28014.Could you tell where I get off and how far it is from Atocha train station to Hotel NH Nacional. How many bus stop from Airport to Atocha train station.So looking forward to a great holiday in Spain.
    Thank you so much

    1. Hi, Arunee! Take a look at the Google Map towards the end of the blog. There, you’ll see the last-stop for the Airport Express but at Atocha Train station. Then, if you look up the first part of the Paseo del Prado on the same photos you’ll see the Hotel NH Nacional on the left. It’s 500 meters from one point to the other so if you don’t have much luggage – or even if you do and are in good shape, you could walk it. Best of luck and enjoy your visit to Madrid!

  36. Hi,
    but going from Madrid to Barajas… don’t forget to convince the driver to stop at your terminal. I once was surprised it just passed Terminal 2 where most tourists wanted to get their plane. It stopped at Terminal 1, so we all expected it would also stop ‘automatically’ at Terminal 2, but it didn’t. The driver did show no mercy when we all shouted that we could miss our plane! Remember there are a lot of kilometers between the terminals, so it took us lots of time to get back…

    1. Wow! REALLY?! That’s terrible – and surprising! How could the driver assume no one would want to get off at Terminal 2?!? The Itinerary Map clearly shows stops at ALL terminals.

      Express Bus Terminal Stops T1, T2, T3, T4

  37. Hello.MadridMan!
    My plane will land at 11.40 a.m at T2 and I’ve booked ticket to Valencia from Atocha train Station at 14.10 p.m. It seems that I have not enough time to get from Airport to Train Station or it’s ok with the time? I need to take my luggage too…
    so, itst better to take Express Shuttle Bus directly from T2 ? Is there could be rush hour in Madrid on Friday at ~12-13 p.m? Or should I better take Free Shuttle bus from T2 to T4 and then go with Cercanias? And if I have printed Renfe ticket to Valencia is it true that i’ll not need to pay for the travel by Cercanias trains? coz it sounds unbelievable for me:) Thanks!

    1. Hello, Kaza!!
      Both the Express Shuttle Bus from T2 and the Cercanías train frmo T4 are convenient, but maybe in your situation the shuttle bus at T2 would be best if you have checked luggage as well. I say that because if get Cercanías from T4, you’ll have to get the free shuttle bus from T2 to T4 and then make your way to Cercanías station. Trains leave every 30-minutes – but the trip takes only 26-minutes to get to Atocha. You might actually save time taking the shuttle bus from T2 assuming you don’t wait more than 13-to-20-minutes to get onboard. Regarding comfort, depending on where you stand in line for the arriving Express Shuttle Bus from T2, you might be standing for the 40-minute ride. On the cercanías train, you have a better chance of getting a seat from T4 to Atocha.
      Regarding your question about IF you have to pay for Cercanías trains if you have a printed RENFE ticket to Valencia, I’ve never heard that before. If you find it to be true, will you PLEASE let me know so I can inform others? If you decide to take Cercanías, you can stop at the information counter and ask them before getting your ticket – but can’t guarantee they’ll speak English.
      Best of luck and Happy Travels!!

  38. Hi, I will be travelling back to England in Jan, and wondered how far Madrid Airport Terminal 1 is from Atocha train station, does the shuttle bus take you to this destination? Thanks

  39. Arriving Term 1 at 0825 in the morning. I’m thinking since no checked luggage and First Class, we should clear customs in 1 hour or less? We have reservations on the AVE 1235 departure from Puerta de Atocha Train Station. Will I have time to take the Express Shuttle or should we take a taxi?


    1. If you’re arriving at 0825 in the morning and have no checked luggage, yes, you should be out of the airport within an hour. Be forewarned that the walk alone TO customs from your Terminal 1 gate will take about 10-15 minutes. It’s a surprisingly long hike for an airport, and there are a set of 25 stairs at the end to reach customs. You’d do just fine to take the Express Shuttle Bus and likely be at Atocha Train Station by 10:30am – and probably earlier. Once you exit T1, you could potentially wait up to 15-minutes for the shuttle bus to arrive, but you’d still have plenty of time to get to the train station. Since you’ll be at the train station so early, don’t expect them to list your departure’s rail line until 30-minutes (or less) before departure. Happy Travels!!

  40. Hi
    We r coming to madrid for first time ever this friday for 2 nights
    This was very interesting to read thanks!
    We r staying at hotel francisco 1 calle arenal
    Its near pta del sol
    So if we get airport express bus do we get off at atocha train station and get a taxi to hotel? Only have hand luggage but dont fancy metro so soon into our trip! Many thanks

    1. Hello, Hels! The Hotel Francisco I is a good choice. It doesn’t look like much on the outside, but it was recently completely remodeled and is now quite nice on the inside. Some friends stayed there recently and said their rooms were very modern. It’s located on the pedestrian Calle Arenal so it’s possible the taxi driver won’t want to drop you off at the door, but eithe uphill at Calle Mayor or at the nearby Plaza de Oriente (only a few blocks away, closer to here than to the Puerta del Sol). With hand luggage, you won’t have any problem. Have a wonderful time in Madrid!

  41. Hi, my plane will be land in Terminal 1. I’m planning to use the airport bus to the Hostal La Casa de la Plaza, Calle Plaza de San Miguel Nº 5 – Piso 1 Izq. Can you please let me know if this is possible and if this is the easiest way? I’m travelling with my 4 year old son with luggage & a pushchair. I appreciate if you could also give details on how to get the bus from the airport and from the hostal to the airport. Many thanks

    1. Hello! No, it’s not possible to take the airport express bus directly to your hostal as the bus’ downtown stops are really nowhere near where you want to go. If you have a 4-year old in-tow as well as luggage and a pushchair, you might do better getting a taxi at the airport. There’s a NEW 30-Euro flat-rate taxi fare for destinations within the city’s innerbelt, including downtown Madrid from/to Madrid Barajas Airport.

      But if you’re serious about getting the express bus to downtown Madrid, you can save a bit of money by getting off at the the Plaza de Cibeles AND THEN getting a taxi to your hostal. This would likely be the most economical way to get to your destination. Reverse this to get the Express Bus back to the airport at the Plaza de Cibeles. Best of luck!

  42. Hello MadridMan,
    I’m hoping you can help me with a question regarding buying train tickets from Barcelona to Madrid. Is it possible to buy tickets on the same day of traveling at the train station in Barcelona? The RENFE website seems to be so difficult to navigate that I would prefer to wait till we get to Spain to buy the tickets. We’ll be traveling during the month of October 2014. Also, we were hoping to buy a “carta dorada” in Spain, since my husband and I are both senior citizens and I read that there is a 40% discount if you have this card. Any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated. Gracias.
    Maria from Miami

    1. Hello, Maria! Yes, you can absolutely buy tickets at the train station on your day of travel – assuming there are spaces available. This is a POPULAR line, however, so if you can manage to go to the train station the day before your expected day of travel to buy the tickets, better. Also prepare to pay full-price buying them at the station. Read THIS about the “Tarjeta Dorada”. Best of luck, Maria, and happy travels!

  43. Dear MadridMan:

    Thank you so much for your fast reply. If we buy the “Tarjeta Dorada” at the station at the same time we buy the tickets, won’t we be able to get the 40% discount?

  44. Hi
    Im arriving in the morning.
    May i confirm whether this bus from airport T4 will stop at Plaza de Cibeles so that i can get off here and take the metro Banco de espana to get to Puerta del Sol where my hostel is located?
    Also how far is the walk from Plaza Cibeles to Metro Banco Espana?
    Appreciate your feedback.

    1. Yes. The Airport Express Bus always stops at the Plaza de Cibeles regardless of the hour or the day. The distance from the bus stop to Metro Banco de España is about 50 meters. Best of luck and enjoy your stay in Madrid!

  45. Hi MadridMan,
    I’m arriving at Madrid airport on 22nd March at 1530hrs and need to get the train from Puerta de Atocha at 1900hrs,we have two large case’s and two small case’s,would there be any problems getting them on and off the shuttle bus,we are not disabled but we are both getting on a bit,also when we get to the railway station is it easy to get to the Puerta part of the station ,we are going to Alicante,hope this all Makes sense to you.Many Thanks.
    Kind Regards

    1. It would depend on how big the cases are, Bob. Take a look at the photos of the luggage racks in this blog post. If you think your cases would fit on/under them, I’d imagine they’d let you on the bus to Atocha train station. Once at Atocha, I’m afraid there aren’t any porters to help you from the bus to the train. Also, once inside the train station there are luggage carts available, but you can’t take them through the security/x-ray/ticket checkpoint to the train itself. You might invest in a portable/foldable luggage dolly to help with the transport.

  46. hi
    we will need to get a transfer from T1 to T4 however we will be carrying 2 boxed bikes! Will hey let us on the bus? if not how do you suggest we get ourselves to T4?

    1. Firstly, you won’t be getting on the Airport Express bus to go from T1 to T4. For this they have a special (free) shuttle bus going between terminals outside of baggage claim. I guess it would depend on how big the “boxed bikes” are. They’re used to people with large luggage so if they’d fit on/under the luggage racks they’d likely let you on.

  47. Hi, we’re a family of 5 and carrying a lot of baggages with us. I thought taking the bus would be much more comfortable than taking the metro and having to switch stations thrice! I just would like to ask for the instructions from taking the airport bus from Terminal 4 to our hotel in Calle de San Romualdo which I think is in San Blas area, if you don’t mind. Thanks!

    1. The San Blas area is just west of the airport so you would/could not take the Airport Express Bus because there are no stops anywhere near your hotel. I’m not even sure if there are any city buses going to San Blas from Terminal 4. If I were you, I’d contact your hotel or visit their website for transportation options from the airport. They could tell you easily, I’m sure. Good luck and enjoy your visit to Madrid!

      1. Hello,

        They actually recommended to either take a cab or the metro. I’m just looking at other options that are less hassle compared to taking the metro with luggages and more affordable than taking a cab. I think I read somewhere that I can take airport express to O’Donnell then from there, take the city bus going to a stop near Calle San Romualdo. Can you advise? Thanks.

        1. Take a look at THIS Google Maps Link: It shows getting the city bus number 28 to Calle San Romualdo. I don’t know which hotel is yours so I don’t know at which stop you would get off the bus. Is it the Hotel Confortel Alcalá Norte? If so, what you would do would get off the Madrid Airport Express Bus at the Calle O’Donnell stop, cross the street and cross over the round-about in a diagonal direction, and get the #28 bus going in the OPPOSITE direction. This is the same bus stop to get the Airport Express in the opposite direction towards the airport. Apparently the #28 bus ride will take about 36-minutes to Calle San Romualdo. I’m not sure this is worth the hassel, but if you’re in no hurry, this is certainly a cheap way to go. There’ll also be less space on city buses for luggage, only in the center of the bus near the exit door. If the bus is full, they may not let you board if you have more than one large suitcase. Depends on the bus-load and on the driver. Best of luck!

  48. Arriving via AVE at the Atocha train station and need to get to the Madrid Airport. Where do I go to take the Madrid Airport express bus and can I pay in euros (what is current price)? Thanks

    1. Hiya, Chuck! You must pay the 5 Euro fee to the bus driver upon boarding, yes. You’d get the BIG YELLOW BUS outside of the above-ground, circular, glass and brick “Cercanías” building. You’ll see a sky-view photo of it in the blog, but here’s a photo from ground-level:
      Madrid Atocha Cercanías

  49. Wow this is all fabulous information! My question is when I arrive at Plaza de Cibeles from the airport on the express bus… will it be safe to walk to Calle Hortaleza in Chueca? I am traveling along in the later afternoon and l’am always concerned with pickpockets and looking like a typical tourist carrying all my possessions. Thanks for any information in advance!!

    1. I’m sure you won’t have any problems between Plaza de Cibeles and Chueca, sldway. Just don’t let anyone stop or distract you along the way. These things are pretty rare, but they do happen. You’ll have more problems wheeling your luggage up the uphill grade from Cibeles, dodging other pedestrians.

      1. Thank you very much…I am looking forward to my trip and hope the worse part of my trip will be the blisters that I get from all the walking!!

  50. Hi MadridMan,
    this may seem like a silly question, but do you know for sure that the shuttle’s are still running around 4-430am? And would i need to take the bus still from Plaza de Cibeles or is it possible to take it from Atocha at that time?
    A colleague told me the shuttles weren’t running at night anymore and as I need to be at the airport at 530am at the latest I want to make 100% sure of my options.
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi, PeteDubs! Not a silly question at all. The shuttles run 24-hours a day, but during the nighttime “shift”, from 11:55pm to 5:35am they only depart from Plaza de Cibeles. One leaves at 4am, one at 4:35, and the next one at 5:10am. According to the hours of their official website, the shuttles are running 24-hours as usual and I can’t find anything online indicating anything to the contrary. If all else fails, there are plenty of taxi-stands in the Plaza de Cibeles to get you to the airport in-a-pinch – yes, even at 4am! 🙂 Best of luck!

  51. Buonasera sto leggendo con molta attenzione questa interessante pagina,complimenti per il servizio.Vorrei una conferma sul mio itinerario.Arriverò a Madrid T4 con volo Vueling da Roma, dovrei recarmi in gran via,Hotel Senator 21. All’uscita del terminal T4 è facile individuare la partenza dei Bus ? I biglietti dall’aeroporto si comprano sul Bus? Da Plaza de Cibeles conviene recarsi in hotel a piedi? Grazie e ancora complimenti per questo splendido servizio.Piero.

    1. Ciao Piero,
      Come dice il testo, una volta che si esce Terminal 4, cercare le indicazioni per autobus e taxi. Andate fuori e girate a destra, cerca il giallo post alto (vedi foto) per ottenere il giallo Aeorpuerto Exprés Bus. È possibile acquistare i biglietti sul bus. Da Plaza de Cibeles si può andare a Hotel Senator sulla Gran Vía, 21, ma si tratta di camminare in salita. Secondo Google Maps, la distanza è di 700 metri e dura circa 8 minuti. Se hai un sacco di bagagli può essere difficile. Se avete solo il bagaglio carry-on, è possibile farlo, di sicuro. Godetevi la vostra visita a Madrid!
      (traduzione svolto da Google Translate)

  52. Hi Madrid Man,

    I have a flight from Madrid to Barcelona on Saturday 11am departure time. I will be staying near Sol. If I want to catch the aeropuerto airport express bus to Barajas airport, the nearest stop that I should go and wait for the bus is at Plaza de Cibeles (the drop off point when you take this express bus from airport to madrid center?), right?

    What will be the traffic condition on Saturday morning? What do you think is the best time I should catch the bus?

    1. Sorry I missed your message, YY. Hope you found your way okay. But yes, if you’re staying in Sol, the nearest Express Bus stop is Plaza de Cibeles, you got it. As you surely found, Saturday morning traffic in downtown Madrid is pretty darn light.

  53. Hi MM,

    Some great info on here. I am staying at hotel regina from 26th April for 3 nights. It’s my first visit. I would like to go to the Real Madrid game. Can you tell me What is the cheapest way to buy a ticket? Is it best to get there by train or metro and where would I get that from. Finally I was considering doing the food tour to sample some of the food and bars of madrid. It’s a bit expensive but would you recommend it or are there any alternatives. Or perhaps you could recommend some authentic spanish places to eat. I am learning to speak spanish so happy to go to places where English is limited

    Many thanks


    1. Hello, Alan! I really don’t know anything about getting Real Madrid tickets, sorry to say. The cheapest way to get to the stadium from Hotel Regina is by metro, but the fastest/easiest is by taxi, of course. Food tours are expensive-ish because the guides know there stuff and (usually) choose semi-expensive items, but very typically Spanish ones, too. Plus, they explain everything about the foods of Spain and that has a lot of value. I don’t recommend any one in particular, though. I could recommend a lot of Spanish places to eat, but have to know first what kind of place you want. Do you want a sit-down dinner, stand-at-the-bar foods, or a “cervecería”-type “raciones”? In many of the tourist center restaurants you won’t have much trouble with the language, but many smaller, neighborhood bars have very limited English, that’s true.

  54. We are arriving in Madrid Airport T1 on Tuesday 6th May at 10.50am.
    We are planning to get to our Hotel BEST WESTERN Hotel Mayorazgo. Flor Baja, 3 – 28013 Madrid España it is close to Plaza De Espania by Airport Shuttle Bus. I was told that the nearest stop to our hotel we can stop is Cibelles Bus Station is that right .. Is that the nearest we can get by suttle bus .. Thanks For Help

    1. Hello, Anthony! The Best Western Hotel Mayorazgo is right next to the Plaza España, as you say. The nearest Airport Express Bus stop is the Plaza de Cibeles – and that’s pretty far away onfoot with luggage. You can do it, of course, but I’d imagine you’d be pretty tired pulling your luggage that far. I’m guessing it could take 25-minutes onfoot from the Plaza de Cibeles to your hotel – and the first half of that is up a gentle incline up the Gran Vía and the last half is downhill.

      Maybe easiest to get from Plaza de Cibeles to Plaza de España would be to take the #1 BUS towards “Cristo Rey”. I believe the #1 Bus Line bus stop is at the same bus stop where you would get off the Madrid Airport Express bus – or at least very very nearby. You can also take the #2 Bus at the same place towards “Reina Victoria” – follows the same path as the #1 bus to Plaza de España. Finally, bus #74 towards Pintor Rosales. Interactive Madrid Bus Map

      You could, if you like, take the metro from the Plaza de Cibeles (metro station: Banco de España, Line2) to Plaza de España (metro station: Plaza de España, Line3, changing from one to the other at VODAFONE SOL. Apparently this trip takes about 10-minutes.
      Best of luck and happy travels!

  55. Hi,
    We will be traveling from Barcelona to Madrid by train and get off at Atocha Station at 9:15am. We are planing to catch the Airport Express Bus to the airport and catch the 1:00pm flight. Do you know roughly how long does it take to get out from the train station and get on the bus? Do you think we have enough time for the 1:00pm flight?
    from Australia

    1. Hello, Michael! Unlike airports, leaving the train station with your luggage (because you take it with you) is super fast. I’d estimate you’d reach the express bus pickup point within 15-minutes of stepping off the train. Calculate, maybe, 1-20 minutes (max) waiting for the next Express Bus to the Madrid Airport, 40-minute trip on wheels, and within a total (max) of 75-minutes you’re at the airport. That gives you a bit less than 3-hours AT the airport to check-in, pass through security, and get to your gate. VERY VERY do-able. If you happen to be flying out of Terminal 4, you can even get the “Cercanías” regional train to that terminal FROM the Atocha train station, will cost you less (less than 2 Euros per person), and you’ll likely get there faster than the express bus. If you’re NOT going to T4, the express bus is likely the best option. Happy Travels!

  56. Hello MadridMan:

    We are going to be in Madrid overnight and leaving at 8pm from the airport, but are stuck with all of our backpacks while we sightsee. We are staying at Calle de Carretas. Does the Atocha Train station still have baggage checking for the day, and if so, is it secure?
    I’m thinking if it’s not too far from our hotel, it may be worth our while to check the bags early and pick them up just before we grab the shuttle to the airport?
    Thanks – can’t wait to see Madrid!

    1. forgot to mention – coming in on a tour bus so not into the airport – into downtown….

    2. Hello, Karen! Yes, the Atocha Train station DOES still have secure, guarded luggage storage in the back-end of the atrium part of the station. That’s the opposite end from the trains/bars/hustle-bustle and is on the ground/lowest level. Happy Travels!

  57. Is there a bus from madrid airport to take me to Atocha train station
    18th September what is the cost

    Regards Olga

  58. Hello,
    We will be staying at the Dos Castillas on Calle de la Abada. If we take the Express bus, where should we get off and will we be able to walk to our hotel?

    1. Hello, Marilyn! The Hotel Dos Castillas is located just “above” the Puerta del Sol. If you get off the Aiport Express Bus at the Plaza de Cibeles you’ll have to walk about 1 kilometer west – most of which will be uphill (gentle grade). If you have light luggage, do it – if it’s not too hot. If not, once you get off at Plaza de Cibeles, you could get the #1 or #2 bus at the same bus stop (or just next to it) up the Gran Vía and get off just a block or two (north) of your hotel.

  59. Hi MM,
    If taking the airport express bus, which station should I alight as I stay in H10 villa de la reina hotel in gran via. If taking the metro can you also guide me? Thanks and awaits your reply.


    1. If taking the Madrid Airport Express but from the airport, you’d get off at the Plaza de Cibeles roundabout. From there, you’d take the bus numbers 1,2,74,146 up the Gran Vía, get off two stops later and keep walking one block more to your hotel on the same side of the street. You could walk from the Plaza de Cibeles, but it has a gentle uphill incline and not sure if you want to make the walk. If taking the metro from the airport, you’d take it to the Gran Vía metro station and your hotel is about one block away. Best of luck and enjoy your time in Madrid!

  60. Vi skal til Madrid 12 september og skal bo på Puerta del Sol Rooms
    Vi skal flyve hjem allerede kl. 6.00 fra lufthavnen Barajas. Hvordan kommer vi lettest derud midt om natten? Findes der lufthavnsbusser om natten? Jette

    1. Airport Express Bus, om natten, blade fra downtown (Plaza de Cibeles) til Barajas Lufthavn i Madrid. De nattetimer Det efterlader fra Plaza de Cibeles Madrid Barajas bagageudlevering er følgende:
      23:55, 24:30, 01:05, 01:40, 02:15, 02:50, 03:25, 04:00, 04:35, 05:10, 05:35
      Held og lykke! (Google Translate)

  61. Can i take this bus if i’m going to terminal 4 from terminal 1?
    How many minutes does it take? and how much do i need to pay?
    I need to transfer in barajas airport.

    1. You could, Sabrina, but I wouldn’t. It first stoops at Terminal 1, then 2, then 3, then later (afterawhile) at Terminal 4 – and then back into the city. This short trip will cost you 5 Euros. There’s a FREE, green shuttle bus from Terminal 1 (and terminal 2) to Terminal 4 so get that one. 🙂 It’ll show its destination on the panel on the outside front of the bus above the windshield as well as alongside the bus just over(behind) the bus door.

  62. Hola. Our flight arrives madrid 11:30 am on a Wednesday. We plan to take the taxi to the city. However if the bus line is short we may take it to Atocha and then a taxi to the hotel. We will have a luggage each. My question is whether the taxi stand at Atocha is easy to get to from the bus arrival point considering the luggage we have to lug with us. The savings by bus probably €5 if easy enough. Thanks if have advice.

    1. Hello, Francis! The bus from Barajas Airport to Atocha train station takes about 40-minutes. See the blog photo of the area and there the drop-off/pick-up point is. It’s right next to a circular building. Immediately on the other side of this building, at “arrivals”/”llegadas”, is the beginning of one taxi stand. Keep in mind they’ll charge a supplemental fee on top of what the meter reads for pick-ups at the train station. Enjoy your visit to Madrid!

  63. Hi,
    Thank you very much for the great post.
    My first time in Spain (I’m from Israel).
    So, what do you think the best way to get from the airport (terminal 4) to Atocha train station ?
    The express bus or the Metro ?

    1. Hi, Pnina! The Express Bus is definitely better and totally direct to Atocha from T4. If you go by metro, you’ll walk further to the metro station and then have to change lines several times along the way, with luggage, before getting to Atocha and the price is the same. Happy Travels!!

  64. Hi, MadridMan.
    Very nice of you to answer all these questions.
    we arrive at the airport at 3:40, travel light enough to not have to wait for bags, plant to take a train at 6pm from Atocha to Cordoba.
    I understand why the Express Bus works well (though there are lots of ads that confuse me for another bus or van that costs 7 euros each), but what is the matter with the sburban train. Is that what is caled the C-1? Isn’t that good too? And cheaper and not traffic-dependent?

    1. The regional train, called “Cercanías” (C-1), is a good enough, although you can only take it from T4 and then will have to change in Atocha train station to the metro/bus. If you don’t arrive in T4 and have to use the free shuttle bus to get there, it may be more efficient to just get the Airport Express Bus from your arriving terminal. If you DO arrive in T4 it may well be faster and more comfortable, too – except once you get to Atocha station you’ll have to go through a series door and up stairs to get out to the street whereas the bus lets you off outside the station. The trip takes about 25 minutes, but there is only one train every 30-minutes or so. The price is a little cheaper, too.

  65. Hi, I took Madrid airport express bus and took off the Atocha between 6:30 and 7:30. I think I left my backpack in the bus…
    Can I find my bag? It is a black and made by Mandarina duck.
    There are really important for me.
    If you can find it plz mail asap.

    Best regards.

    1. Sorry for your bad luck. It seems the bus lines, presumably including the Airport Express bus (since they’re part of “EMT”), have a lost a Lost and Found (“Objetos Perdidos”) office at the Pacífico Metro/Bus station at Calle Cerro de la Plata, 4 in Madrid. Objetos Perdidos. According to that webpage, they keep the lost items 3 to 4 weeks. When you go/call, you need to tell/describe what you lost, what day, and where (bus). Go to that webpage for their open office hours and telephone number hours (as they’re not the same). Best of luck!

  66. Helo MadridMan could you please tell me which way is easier to get to oviedo city from barajas airport. My friend said there are busses set out from the airport and they cost 50 euros. Or, going by train from atocha station is better?

    1. The price from T4 to Oviedo city costs between 34 and 57 Euros one-way and there are about 7 (or fewer) buses per day and the trip takes about 6.5 hours. Going by train is almost always faster and always (much) more expensive – but more comfortable, too.

  67. Hi MadridMan 🙂

    Is it possible to take 2 boxed bikes on the bus? we will be getting off at Atocha, our plane arrive’s at 21.30pm so would we have to wait till early following morning?



    1. Hi, Lindsey! I really don’t know, but I would imagine that you could. The boxes are not the full-size of an assembled bicycle, correct? I’d imagine not. There are spaces on the buses for large luggage items and probably even for boxed bicycles. If the bus isn’t carrying a lot of people, even better of course.

  68. Hi, can you please tell me if it is safe to walk from Virgen de los Peligros,to plaza de cibeles at 3.00am to wait for the airport bus. It seems like a short walk. We are visiting in June. What do you think? Thanks

    1. Hello, Rosaly! Of course, anything can happen at anytime to anyone, but I would imagine it would be safe to walk this distance at 3:00am. The walk isn’t long at all and there are always people on the Calle de Alcalá at all hours. The stretch from Calle Virgen de los Peligros to Calle de Alcalá is pretty short and even there you aren’t likely to have any trouble whatsoever. How about comfort? Will you be wheeling suitcases that distance? If so, give yourself more time to get to Cibeles. Happy Travels!

  69. Does the bus service have a lost and found office either in Atocha or at the airport? I need to reach them so badly as I believe I dropped somethibg important on the bus.

    1. Sorry for your bad luck. It seems the bus lines, presumably including the Airport Express bus (since they’re part of “EMT”), have a lost a Lost and Found (“Objetos Perdidos”) office at the Pacífico Metro/Bus station at Calle Cerro de la Plata, 4 in Madrid. Objetos Perdidos. According to that webpage, they keep the lost items 3 to 4 weeks. When you go/call, you need to tell/describe what you lost, what day, and where (bus). Go to that webpage for their open office hours and telephone number hours (as they’re not the same). Best of luck!

  70. I came across your site and it’s super informative. Thank you very much!!

    I would like to ask some help from you regarding which option I should choose.

    I am planning a trip to Alicante and I will arrive in Madrid and am unsure which train time I should choose. I would like to get to Alicante as soon as possible but I do not want to buy the tickets to an early train and miss it. (planning on buying the Promo ticket so no refund).

    I’ll be arriving at Madrid airport on Wednesday at 12.40 with RyanAir at terminal 1 from a European country (so no customs check?). No checked luggage, only a hand bag. I am planning on catching the Express bus to Atocha and then a train from there. I am just about to buy the train tickets and thought I had better check if I am cutting it too close.

    I was planning on buying the tickets for the 14.45 train. Should I go for the 16.25 instead?

    My calculations are:
    Arrive at 12.40 (RyanAir is generally on time)
    Exit airport at 1pm (since coming from Europe I don’t think there are any major customs check lines that would take up a lot of time right?)
    Catch bus at 1.15pm (I might be able to catch the 1pm bus)
    Arrive at Atocha at 2pm (The train leaves from Puerta de Atocha not Cercanias – Is this far from the bus drop off?)

    Which leaves me 45 mins to find the train and a little buffer for any delays.

    Is this enough?

    I really don’t want to wait for an extra 2 hours if it’s not necessary.

    If you can help me in any way, I would really appreciate it!!


  71. Hi ! I’m traveling to Spain in about 3 weeks and I have a quick question and wondering if you can help ! I arrive at terminal 1 and wanted to know what will be the most efficient way to get to Atocha since Im planning to go to Seville?

  72. Hello,
    I am going to Gijón from Madrid airport on the 30th of march 2015. On the 5th of april I will go from Gijón back to the airport. Could you please recommend me the best way to get to the airport back?Maybe we could meet on the way back if you have time. Thank you very much! Greetings from Slovakia:)

  73. I will be landing at T4 from the US through London at 15:05. I will have to clear customs. If I use the Express bus will I be able to make am 18:30 train to Malaga. Is there a big advantage in purchasing my train ticket in advance or at the station? I have found your website and blog to be most helpful.

    1. Hello, Judy! Leaving the airplane and clearing customs can take one hour or more depending on the amount of people landing at that time at that terminal. But I would think three+ hours would be enough to get to your train via the Express bus. If you find the process at the airport is taking too long you could always take a taxi to be sure you make your train at 18:30 to Malaga.
      Buying train tickets at the station can be a long and boring experience due to the long lines. I always recommend buying them in advance whenever possible, but many people, especially from abroad, have trouble buying them online from outside of Spain using a non-Spanish credit card, so prepare yourself from that. Also, if you buy in advance you’re likely to get discounted tickets whereas you’d pay retail/full-price the day of the trip. Best of luck!

  74. I will be staying in Hostal Casa Bueno (near Gran Via station), which is the easiest way to go to Madrid airport T2 besides taxi?

    I will be carrying luggage, so lesser transfer will be better..

    Thank you.

    1. The way in your case is to get the Airport Express bus and get off in Plaza de Cibeles. From there, you’ll have to get one of the city buses to take you up the Gran Via.

  75. Hola MadridMan, I will be arriving at Barajas around 14:00 on Sunday and I need to get to Petit Palace Mayor Plaza, Calle Mayor. Would the Airport Shuttle be the best option? Thank you

    1. To get into the city, yes, it’s the best option. If you’re flying into T4 you could take the regional Cercanías train to Atocha train station. But to get to the Petit Palace Plaza Mayor you’ll have to take a taxi/bus/metro to get there. You wouldn’t want to walk it all the way uphill with luggage.

  76. Hello-

    My family of 4 will arrive around 11am in Terminal 4 and are heading to Calle Alfonso XII 14 just across from Retiro Park. I had been planning on the metro, but with several changes required, the shuttles sounds like a better and more scenic route. Is there a stop near Puerta Alcala or will we have to get off at Plaza Cibeles? Both are a very short walk.

    I don’t want to go all the way to Atocha.


    1. There’s no stop near Puerta de Alcalá, sorry to say. The Cibeles stop is the closest one – and then you’ll have to walk back to the Puerta de Alcalá on a gentle uphill grade.

  77. Hola MM!
    We are staying on Moratin about a 20 min walk (with luggage) to the Atocha Station for catching the Airport Express Bus and another 40 min to T4. Although the price is attractive at 5euros, I’m wondering if there is a train from the same station or if it might make sense to use the airport transport bus for 20 euros that will pick us up at the door. What say ye?

    1. Hello, Holly! Yes, you can get the regional/Cercanías train, line C-1 from Atocha Cercanías station to T4, leaving about every half hour and costs 2.60 Euros for a single one-way ticket. It’s actually cheaper than the Express bus and faster too, taking about 25 minutes – and you don’t have to worry about traffic. The trains are comfortable, wide, air conditioned, and made for passengers with luggage. The Express bus may be a bit more convenient and more frequent and pick-up is right outside of the Atocha Train Station Cercanías station (coincidentally) and then takes you right to the check-in gates at T4. With the train, although it’s faster while it’s moving, you have to walk further from the T4 station to airport check-in counters.

  78. I am travelling to Madrid tomorrow please can you tell me if this shuttle bus stops at chamartin as my hotel is opposite the train station but will have luggage so thought bus may be easier . Many thanks

    1. You’ve already gone and returned, but the shuttle bus doesn’t go anywhere near Chamartin station. Check the link within the body of the blog to see the route. The bus only goes from the airport into the old downtown.

  79. Hola MadridMan- I have been researching train schedules- since I will going from Madrid to Zaragoza- and I noticed sometimes I am seeing the train station called Atocha Ceranias and sometimes Puerta de Atocha . Is there 2 stations and if so which do I use for my trip.. Gracias

    1. Hello, Margaret! Good question you have. Atocha Cercanías station is the station only for the regional train system within the “comunidad de Madrid” – or the Province of Madrid. All long-distance trains, those which go outside of the “Comunidad de Madrid”, leave Madrid from Puerta de Atocha *OR* Chamartin Station.

  80. Hola!

    My wife & I will arrive in MAD next month (Sept. 2015) and I am trying to figure out my travel options from the airport to Puerta de Sol. If I have it correctly, we can take the C-1 Cercanias to Chamartín and transfer to C-3 to Puerta del Sol. Is this correct and what is the cost? Is ther ea better option?


    1. Hello, Ken! Yes, you are correct – with one addition. You would take C-1 cercanías from T4 Airport to Charmartin and transfer to C-3 (direction Aranjuez) *OR* C-4 (direction Parla), both/the-only-two of which pass first through Nuevos Ministerios and then (Puerta del) SOL. This trip should cost you ABOUT 4.50€. The cost depends on how many stations you pass through, but I think this is correct or approximate. It shouldn’t be more than 5€ per person, though. Happy Travels!

    1. They’re essentially across the street from one another. “Puerta de Atocha” is the actual train station whereas “Atocha” is the area surrounding the train station.

  81. Hello!

    I will be arriving at Madrid Barajas around 23.25 on Thursday night. My hotel is near de Puerta Toledo. Google tells me that the journey door to door will be 1hr 15 mins because of the time I arrive. Also Atocha is far from there so the airport shuttle is no good. Would it be fair to say that a taxi is my best option if I want to get to bed before 1am?

    1. Hello, Charlie! Yes, in your case the taxi would be the best option. Don’t exptect to pay more than 30 Euros for the “flat fee” from the Madrid airport to your hotel (within the M-30 innerbelt). If they try to charge you more, ask for a receipt. Happy Travels!

  82. This information is still relevant and very helpful for getting us from the airport to Atocha Station. To save a few euro, I would encourage grabbing this bus. Thank you so much for the detailed information! Madrid was absolutely wonderful!

  83. Hello Friends,
    I am arriving Barajas Airport Terminal 4S and going to my hotel near Atocha Station at 7.30 pm. Can anyone tell me the best option. Will it be cheaper to take a taxi ( how much?) for a family of two adults and two small children ( aged 7 and 4) & infant 2 years.? Can all of us travel in one taxi , are there passenger limitations in Madrid airport taxis ?
    Thank you for any advice..!

    1. Taxis from Barajas Airport to anywhere within the city’s inner-circle (M-30) costs 30 Euros flat rate. 4-persons can ride in a taxi with 3 in the backseat and one in the front. The small ones will need special seats with them. Will you have them with you? I doubt most taxis carry appropriate child seats in their cars. I guess this depends on the driver if he wants to bend the rules or not. With that many children plus luggage, I’d certainly take a taxi instead of the shuttle bus.

  84. Hi. I found info about daily tickets in Madrid (8.40 Eur for adult), for all kind of transport. Is this ticket valid for route Barajas airport – centre Madrid by train or metro? Thanks for answer in advance.

  85. Thank you for helping travelers like myself. Last year I took the shuttle bus from the Madrid airport to the Atocha train station and it was very convenient and inexpensive.

    This year, however, I am arriving via American Airlines and best I can tell, that plane will arrive at Terminal T4S (“S” being Satellite). My question is, can I get through customs, collect my bags and then make my way from the T4S terminal to the T4 terminal and then catch the shuttle bus from outside terminal T4?

    Or, does the shuttle bus to the Atocha station stop at the T4S terminal?

  86. So, I would collect my bags and go through customs in Terminal 4S and then how and where do I get my way to Terminal 4 in order to catch the shuttle bus to Atocha?

    Is there a shuttle between Terminal 4S and 4? Or just walk with all my luggage?

  87. i have to be at the airport at 4:15 on monday but i dont know how i get so early in the morning from Principe Pio/ Pl.Espana to Pl.de Cibelez…thank you Luisa

    1. If you have to be at the airport at 04:15 (in the early morning), there is no public transportation like buses or metro to get you from Principe Pio to Cibeles. You’ll have to take a taxi. Best of luck!

  88. Hi,

    I am really excited about my upcoming trip to Madrid but the only issue I’m slightly worried about is that my flight lands at 11:40 pm. I usually use the public transport from the airport when travelling solo but the slightly late time is deterring me. My hotel is around a 5 min walk from Sol. What do you recommend ? Is it safe to use the metro at that time ?


    1. The metro is completely safe at that time – and at any time – in Madrid. Don’t worry. And the area around Sol always has a lot of people walking around at all hours of the day and night.

  89. Hi MM,
    Is it practical to get the bus from T4 and easy for kids 11 and 13 to handle suit cases into the bus? and what are the stops along the way till it reaches Atocha train station? we are going to calle Valverde 3, and how much pp and children, Thank you very much for your information.


    1. It depends on the kids, I guess. If they’re energetic you shouldn’t have any problem. The price is 5 Euros per person and there are no special prices for children, unfortunately. You’ll find the stops before Atocha listed in the link within the blog post. Happy Travels!

  90. Dear MadridMan,
    thanks a lot for this helpfull Site!!!
    i’m arriving barajas airport with my husband at 9h05 pm t(4S) and staying in Exe el coloso hotel for few days , and leaving Madrid from Barajas T(1) at 10h05 am. could you please advice which option we should take ( cost, time , etc…)
    many thanks in advance for your help

  91. Hi, Great page for information.

    My wife and I will be visiting Madrid in Jun and our flight is arriving at 8:40 at T3. We are staying at Malasana and I find the Metro would be most convenient to reach Tribunal station which is walkable to our place (Calle Divino Pastor). However, considering our baggage, the change of metro lines at Nuevos Ministerios and the rush hour crowds, would taking the airport bus to Plaza de Cibeles and taxi/bus to our destination be better? Any other suggestions?
    Thanks in advance

    1. I’m not sure doing the Express Bus+Taxi to Malasaña option would be best under the circumstances. Two tickets for the bus would be 10 Euros, but yes, you’d want to get off at the Plaza de la Cibeles, one stop before Atocha. Then if you get a taxi, it’d cost you between 5-10 Euros to Malasaña. Keep in mind there are stations where there are no escalators at all points to change lines. And many of the metro exits do not have escalators or elevators to get up to street level, particulary the older stations.

  92. Where is the airport bus stop at cibelis stop please? It’s a big junction we will be going to the airport.

  93. Thanks so much for this guide, very informative. I just wanted to confirm that the aerial photo of atocha station is still current/accurate with regards to the airport express pickup point. Rather not wonder around that station with all our luggage. Thanks in advance.

  94. We are going to take your suggestion and ride the bus from T4 to Atocha Station on Sunday morning. We need to store a piece of luggage for several hours until we can check in our apartment. Is anything available at train station and if there is, then do you have to climb a lot of stairs?

  95. Hi can you help, 2 adults and 3 children are arriving in to terminal 1 and staying in Calle carettas, just wondering what you would suggest for transport. I was thinking the airport bus and then walking but not sure how long it would take and which stop to get off.
    Any help appreciated.

  96. I have Renfe tickets from Madrid to Pamplona. I read on-line that there is a free bus to Atocha from Terminal 4 at Barajas. However, we will be arriving at Terminal 1, and we’re on a tight schedule.
    1. Does the free Renfe bus ONLY run from Terminal 4?
    2. In order to not waste time, do you recommend taking the Aeropuerto Express bus instead?

    1. I’ve not heard of a free bus to Atocha from the airport. But the Airport Express bus leaves from all terminals to Atocha. There is a Cercanías/RENFE train which takes you to Atocha via Chamartin station and, while it may be a bit faster, this train only leaves from T4 and only ever 30 minutes.

  97. We arrive in Madrid at T4 Sunday May 8 @ 8:30 fro USA. Is the Madrid exp bus to Atocha still a good option? Does it still leave outside baggage at T4? We have a 12:30 Train. Will we pay on the bus? and how much will the fare be for 2 persons? Is time about 40 minutes? thanks Bob

    1. Yes, the Express bus is still a good option for 5 Euros each, paid on the bus. From T4, you can also get the Cercanías train to Atocha via Chamartin. Takes about 40 minutes by bus and less by train, but the train leaves from T4 every 30 minutes.

  98. Hello
    Is there a shuttle between Terminal 4S to 4? I need to catch the bus to
    Atocha train station.
    Thank you

  99. We are flying into Madrid T4 at 1900 and staying at Silken Puerto Madrid – is it possible to get public transport there or is a taxi our only option?

  100. I am arriving Madrid T2 via Swiss International Airline at 9.20 am. Is it possible to take an AVE from Atocha Renfe at 11.30 am? Can I assume that in best possible situation immigration would take 45 min and Airport Express would take another 45 min to bring me to Atocha Renfe.

  101. Hi. We are 3 ladies on our way to Madrid in December. What would be the safest and cheapest way to get to the saga rental appartements in la latina rdMadrid? Do you know what a taxi wil cost for the 3 of us or if there is a shuttle bus? Thank you for your blog.

  102. I Am on Calle de Huerta and i want to go to the AirPort direcțiune, as i come from AirPort to Madrid. Where do i have to Take this Express bus to AirPort near to me?

  103. Hello, Firstly your blog is the best I’ve come across so I got tempted to ask a question. It gave me a lot of answers about this airport bus. Thanks for this information and help to travellers who appreciate it immensely.

    I will be in Madrid on 10 March 2017. We will be arriving at Terminal 2 from Brussels. My hotel is NH Ribera Del Manazares. From the google maps, and from your blog, I know I can take the bus to Cibeles and from there some how make it to Sol to catch the number 50 bus in Sol to the hotel.

    My question is : with a suitcase each… and not much other luggage, for my husband and myself….. is the distance between Cibeles and Sol walkable or is there a bus? We are fit and its not a problem to walk. We arrive at Madrid at 5pm. Do we buy tickets on the other city bus on the bus or at a booth?

    First time in Madrid and I thank you in advance for your reply. You take so much trouble with all our questions and God bless you for that.

  104. This information is up to date as of April 2017. We took the 203 bus from T4 about 4pm on a weekday and there were only a few passengers. We had the front seats, although the one behind the driver has mostly a view of his coat on a hanger behind him. By the time we reached the two other terminal stops, though, the bus was packed. Passengers in the aisles and the stairwell.

    We had found an Airbnb apartment close to Atocha, so it was a short walk. Even with smartphone maps, it was confusing on how to get there, but we managed. We took the bus back to the airport when we left, after scoping out the departure location the day before.

  105. Hi, just came across this, great site and so informative. Need to go from Atocha Metro to Alsa bus station LV 8:00 AM to Santander. Come from Anton Martin Metro stop. Should I take a short taxi ride or is it easy to get to the Metro and to the bus station. Will take Express bus to Atocha and than the Metro to the place we stay. Calle de los tres Paces.

  106. Thank you for your website…most helpful.
    Question: What is the best way to navigate Madrid airport arrivals? what lines to get into or not (not declaring anything). Then taking the express bus to Atocha. From there I need to get the the Plaza Mayor. Is it walkable and easy to get to (relatively healthy and small suitcase) or would it be better to just take a taxi there? About how much would the taxi cost from Atocha to Plaza Mayor. Many thanks

  107. What is the status of the train strike due to hit soon? We are going from Madrid to Malaga on the AVE at 10:35 am. What to do if there is a strike?
    Where can I find out before hand if I’m affected by it?

    One more thing: Is it possible to get ticket by walking up to the office and buying them to the Palacio Real on a tuesday around 2 or 3 pm?

  108. Dear Madrid Man
    love this site. So glad to see your amazing and informative blog. Plz help me out too. Spending only 2 nights in Madrid and want to see specially Cordoba and Granada. I will arrive from usa on Dec 16 in the morning and leave on Dec.18 at 3PM. Where should i visit first also how do i plan this trip to get the best out of my time in Madrid? Can you give me some idea how much my budget should be for 2 people for food and transportation?
    thanks a million

  109. Hello
    I am traveling to Madrid in January 15th. I have two questions:
    1. If I buy a Metrobus ticket and the supplement (3Euros) do I have to validate BOTH at the validating machines?
    2.If I take Bus No 200 to Avenida de America , is the metrobus enough , or I need a supplement?
    Thank you for answering

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