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easyJet Madrid: Easy & Cheap!

easyJet really is easy. And CHEAP too! I just got back from a few days visiting family in Geneva, Switzerland and flew easyJet for the first time. I was a little uneasy not knowing “how to do it” but learned … Continue reading

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I’m a Pain in the Neck!

The last several days I’ve been a pain in the neck – to myself! Sunday night, a few hours after returning from Porto, Portugal I was washing up for bed, tilted my head back, and POW! A shooting pain went … Continue reading

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Porto, Portugal for Puente del Pilar 2007

The thing about living in Europe is that everything, everything in Europe that is, is so close. Every American kid remembers long, 20-hour drives to Florida in the back of your station wagon on summer vacation. This pales in comparison … Continue reading

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Bowling: In Madrid?

Do they BOWL in Spain? I’ve got news for you. They do! But it’s certainly not a popular sport NOR a popular form of recreational entertainment in Madrid. Bowling in Spanish is…. “BOWLING”! But the Spanish word for bowling or … Continue reading

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“Chambao” & Flamenco Chill

Start your Monday off with a smile and goooood feelings! Watch these 3 Spanish music videos (see below) and you’ll be humming them throughout your workday. A very good British friend of mine often mentions enjoying “Flamenco Chill” music in … Continue reading

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Gypsies Singing in the Street

Last Thursday night, the same night I wrote the morning entry, “Rain in Madrid“, I was seated here at the computer doing the usual stuff. It was raining solidly. The window was open slightly because I like the cool air … Continue reading

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Rain in Madrid!

Wow! What a last couple of days here in Madrid – and in many parts in Spain! We’ve had so much rain here that you’d think the Rio Manzanares would look more like a RIVER and less like a GARDEN! … Continue reading

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MadridMan is a Hot Body!

Statement made. Self-indulgent title, I know. But I can dream, can’t I?? Let me explain… I’m NOT a “hot body” as in “I have Brad-Pitt-Abs-Of-Steele”, GQ cover model material, or even MUSCLE MAGAZINE material. FAR FROM IT! (but I’m working … Continue reading

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