February 29, 2024

The last several days I’ve been a pain in the neck – to myself!

Sunday night, a few hours after returning from Porto, Portugal I was washing up for bed, tilted my head back, and POW! A shooting pain went through my neck. It was as if I’d been stabbed with an icepick.

That night I didn’t sleep much as you can imagine, every change in position made me moan in agonizing pain. Man, that was bad. Day by day it got a little better but still decided to keep a Wednesday noon appointment at the local physical therapy center. It was worth a try. I went, paid my 33€ for the hour-long painless massage, and left feeling exactly as I did when I arrived. The therapist offered no suggestion or recommendation as to the possible problem; a pinched nerve, a muscle strain, or a mental condition. hehehe…

Now, Thursday afternoon, I feel a little better but haven’t had the “ganas” to go back to the gym – although I could – and should. Maybe tomorrow morning if I feel just a little bit better. At least now I can almost turn my head to the points of my shoulders before feeling any pain. Someone suggested I go instead of a chiropractor but the whole concept scares me. I thought a neck massage was going to be painful but it wasn’t. I can almost guarantee a torturous experience at a chiropractor! But maybe that’s what I need.

My my subconscious was hoping to ease my neck pain a bit because I stopped in 3 neighborhood bars for a caña and free tapa before lunch on my way home. One of these three bars gave me TWO free tapas; one plate of olives and a 2 croquetas. The second bar gave two peel-and-eat shrimps. And the third bar gave two potato halves covered in bravas sauce. Mmmm… Each of the three bars charged just 1.10€ for the glass of beer. A good price. Two of these three bars were new to me and I’d always wanted to stop in and see how they were from inside. As expected, they were typically old fashioned (1970s style). Few people were inside due to the lunch hour and thought I’d take the opportunity. So to pass the time I sat at the bar with my beer and tapa and grabbed the nearby AS or MARCA sports newspapers – but they’re mainly soccer newspapers – which are always lying around in these bars. You rarely get a daily news newspaper, just sports.

Afterwards, back home, already feeling sleepy, and make a light lunch and lay down on the sofa for a short siesta. Nice. This is the life.

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