July 21, 2024

Start your Monday off with a smile and goooood feelings! Watch these 3 Spanish music videos (see below) and you’ll be humming them throughout your workday.

A very good British friend of mine often mentions enjoying “Flamenco Chill” music in certain Madrid clubs and I really had no idea what he was talking about. What is “Flamenco Chill”?

This morning I’m surfing the internet, doing work and straightening my brain while having breakfast and preparing to go to the gym to start my day.

I come across a page which describes one of my favorite Spanish songs, “Ahí Estás Tú” by the Malaga, Spain originated group Chambao. Huh! I had no idea THIS was considered “Chill Flamenco” but I guess it makes sense. The vocals and music mix flamenco with… umm.. a kind of jazz and has a good, gentle rhythm which causes one’s head to sway in, maybe, a Bob Marley fashion. hehehe… When I heard the song for the first time, I LOVED IT, and it made me think of beaches or islands or something of the like.

The Andalusian government uses their song(s) to promote tourism in the region which includes scenes of beaches or coasts or things like this so maybe they felt the same as me when they heard it. A VERY funny anecdote to this song is that for the longest time – until NOW, that is – I thought she was singing “Cállate Tú” which means “Shut Up!” in Spanish. Hahhaa.. Never seemed to go along with the tone of the song. Now THAT’S funny.

Watch the video below and prepare yourself to love it – if you haven’t heard it before. The music Video itself is okay but it’s the song which really grabs you.

“Ahí Estás Tú”

But the first – and even MORE amazing song by them – is the upbeat “Pokito a Poko”. See below. I’m pretty sure the Andalusian Government uses this song in their tourist ads too. I’d heard this song before but didn’t know it was them:

“Pokito a Poko”

Another song featuring the lead singer, La Mari de “Chambao”, is her accompaniment on the live Ricky Martin song, “Tu Recuerdo”. I’ve always been a fan of the Puerto Riqueño Ricky Martin but La Mari de “Chambao” REALLY steals this song. Watch/Listen below:

“Tu Recuerdo”

Hope the above starts your work week out well, world! Enjoy!

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