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The Spanish Siesta: Fact, Fiction – or Envy?

Go ahead. Admit it. You wish you could take a long, refreshing nap in the middle of your workday, right? Sure you would. Who wouldn’t? The fact is, most Spaniards would LOVE to have a long nap after lunch, too. … Continue reading

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Phone Calls During Siesta Time

Most Spaniards know not to call friends, relatives, or even businesses during the lunch-siesta hours between 2pm and 5pm – but foreigners do not because they don’t carry the custom of siesta. During weekdays, everyone knows that businesses are closed … Continue reading

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Siesta is Alive and Well in Spain

Today I spied these two construction workers taking an afternoon nap in front of a new building in my neighborhood. (see photo at right) I’m sure their boss/foreman doesn’t mind sacking-out after lunch but it’s such an odd sight to … Continue reading

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