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Sunday Classical Music and Lomo de Buey

Today, while much of the country was either watching Madrid’s Fiesta Nacional / Día de la Hispanidad military parade on TV, yours-truly was enjoying noontime classical music in the Teatro Real (The Royal Theater & Opera house in Madrid) and … Continue reading

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Bush sends Spanish King Message of Friendship

The Spanish newspaper, El País, ran an article HERE (in Spanish) today on their website. Below you have the English-language translation of the same article: Two days before Spain celebrates its Día de la Hispanidad, a tribute to Columbus´arrival in … Continue reading

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Día de la Hispanidad in Spain

This coming Sunday, 12 October 2008, is the Día de la Hispanidad in Spain and will be celebrated in Madrid in grand fashion with a 250,000€ military parade, resided over by the Royal Family as well as the President of … Continue reading

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Peeing in Public

I realize I’m risking offending some Spaniards (and maybe I’m actually offending EVERYONE!) for writing today’s blog entry. No one wants to appear “uncouth“. But that fact is, SOME PEOPLE DO PEE IN PUBLIC. Surely it happens throughout the world … Continue reading

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Understanding and Speaking Spanish on the Telephone

There’s almost nothing that makes me more nervous than speaking to someone in Spanish on the telephone. And worse yet, placing orders or making appointments by telephone when I’m initiating the call. Of course, when your phone rings it’s a … Continue reading

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Siesta is Alive and Well in Spain

Today I spied these two construction workers taking an afternoon nap in front of a new building in my neighborhood. (see photo at right) I’m sure their boss/foreman doesn’t mind sacking-out after lunch but it’s such an odd sight to … Continue reading

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