May 23, 2024

Tonight’s “El Clásico“, between perennial Spanish football powerhouses Real Madrid & FC Barcelona, starts at 8:45pm local Spanish time for the 1st leg of the UEFA Champions League Semi-Final at Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. This is a (nearly??) unprecedented 4th of 5 total match-ups in this 2010-2011 football season. The final “El Clásico” will be next week on the 3rd of May for the second leg semi-final of the Champions League. (how can anyone keep this stuff straight?!?!?)

Their previous match-up was just last Wednesday night on Valencia’s Estadio Mestalla’s neutral turf. The outcome, 1-0, yielded Real Madrid as the victors of the “Copa del Rey” or Spain’s “King’s Cup” – which was embarrassingly dropped under the front tires of the celebration bus as it passed through the streets of Madrid. (Thanks, Sergio Ramos!!)

The game is televised locally in Madrid on Telemadrid. If you can get in, it’s also being broadcast free on (I’m watching it live there now!) I also hear-tell one can find ways to watch the games online via the links at and – but I can’t confirm that.

Real Madrid’s Sami Khedira & Fernando Gago will miss tonight’s match. For FC Barcelona, Andres Iniesta will miss action while Carles Puyol and Gabriel Milito return after injury leave.

Best of luck to BOTH teams!


FINAL RESULT: 2-0 for winners FC Barcelona, both goals scored by Lionel Messi in the second half.

Below is a 180º sweep video I shot last April 2010 of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium during the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium Tour.

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8 thoughts on “Real Madrid-Barcelona Online: Champions League Semi-Final 2011

  1. Well, I’m going jump off the fence and predict a 1-0 result for Barcelona – for no other reason than I’ve got a 120 Euro bet riding on it. Let’s see!

    1. Hehehee.. WOW! 120€ bet riding on this game?! Wow! You are brave!! To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised by a win by either team. We’ll see!

  2. cant get over the fact this is Barca vs Real, semi final of Champions League, and the game is this boring? one shot on target if so? KMT

    1. I can’t – and yet I can(!) – believe Barça beat Real Madrid 2-0, both goals by Lionel Messi, in Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. OUCH!! That hurts!!

  3. Busquets….. disgrace. as was half the barca side in the attempts to get Pepe sent off. In my eyes…. RM 0 – Lionel Messi 2

  4. It was another refereeing scandal cant win with 10. The referee was voted by Kicker magazine in Germany as the worst in the league by the players yet UEFA put him to call the semifinal of the Champions League !!! He had said his favorite player was Messi, refs should be neutral not partial enough to do the game, yet he went thru.
    Took Pepe out unjust video replays around the world show it was not for a red card, then with 10 barça score the two goals!!! Mourinho is right always end up with 10 vs barça ???

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