Recycling Fail or Identity Theft?

Did your dad ever jokingly yell at you through the bathroom door, “Don’t fall in!“?

But seriously, folks, are we recycling humans now, too?? Check out the “legged” paper recycling bin above as seen this afternoon on the streets of Madrid. This is truly one for the “I Can’t Believe My Eyes” file.

So there I was in Madrid, Spain, not too far from the Puerta del Toledo, waiting for a friend when I saw this guy “milling about” the paper and glass recycling bins. He did look a bit suspicious, I have to admit. He looked left, then right, then literally climbed INSIDE the paper recycling bin through a tiny slot!

His friend, the one with his legs planted on Terra Firma above, was assisting him. HOW, you ask?! The guy who was literally “dumpster diving” was handing back certain paper items.

After about 5 minutes of this, they both crossed the street with their booty, opened  the boot/trunk of their car, and inserted handle bags and plastic bags full of paper. Not too much, but maybe the amount of about 5 or 10 reams of copy paper. Then they got in their car and sped off.

While seeing them stuff their trunk with paper I thought, “Hmmm… Surely these are identity thieves, ‘harvesting’ paper recycling bins for credit card  statements and other potentially sell-able items on the black market.” Either way, I imagine their intentions were anything but ecological.

I’m happy I get all my credit card and bank statements online but surely the occasional valuable document gets tossed in from time to time.

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