May 23, 2024

El Pais Now has an English Edition

Recently I saw a “tweet” from El País notifying the public that their new English Edition was now online. El País is Spain’s largest circulation newspaper and represents the barely-left-of-center political segment of society whereas the ABC Spanish paper represents the right. I’ve got to wonder when/if ABC will offer their own English Edition.

For those whom know, the .PDF daily version of El País has been provided by the Herald Tribune for many years. I’ve always liked that, 8 pages of articles with full-color photos. In 8 pages they cover the major topics: Front Page News about Spain, Opinions, Letters, & Editorials, World News, Business & Weather, Sports, and Arts. The nice thing about this edition is you can save the .PDF file to your hard drive and read it later.

The new El Pais English Edition online covers all the above categories and more with probably twice the number of articles in English, maybe more. So I wonder if this is the precursor to the end of El País’ relationship with the Herald Tribune and their daily .PDF version. Makes you wonder. I hope not!

Funny thing about Spanish newspapers. ABC proudly features bullfighting articles whereas El País doe not. El País features many more articles about arts and culture than does ABC. ABC features more on business & sports than does El País. Both feature many articles on politics but, well, that’s the way it is. So, with any given inclination, the reader can choose what most interests them.

So whatever your political “slant”, Spain has a newspaper for you – if you read Spanish. If you don’t, El País is your first and only choice of national Spanish newspapers.

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5 thoughts on “El Pais English Edition

  1. He estado dando un repaso a tu blog, su lectura es inteligente y desenfadada al mismo tiempo, lo cual es una estupenda combinación. Yo vivo desde hace diez años en Barcelona, y ha sido un placer para mi reencontrarme con Madrid mediante tus reflexiones y las noticias que vas colgando en tu blog. Por cierto, es una pena que se pierdan o desnaturalizen sitios como el Restaurante Las Damas, que no conocía pero que sirve de ejemplo de los lugares que forman parte de la historia personal de cada uno, como en este caso lo es de la tuya.
    Enhorabuena y gracias. Te continuaré leyendo.

  2. I’m not so sure that El Pais is a “barely left of center” newspaper. I recently saw one of its editors on TVE1 discussing the tragedy in Arizona concerning Representative Giffords. His imperceptive remarks were almost as bad as his dull and heavily pro-socialist prattle.
    ABC? As about much fun as a toothache.

    1. I’m not sure to what “imperceptive remarks” by the El Pais’ editor you’re referring but the socialist government isn’t as socialist as it once was nor is El País as leftist as it used to be either. I’d say El País is further left than your average American news publication, however, but that’s not hard to achieve. Contrary to popular belief, American news outlets are nowhere near the “liberal media” label they’ve been saddled with, but it sounds good. Just the opposite, in fact, where media agencies, both print and TV, are ruled by what corporations tell them to do. Go against that, risk customers’ loyalties, and you’re out.

      Anyway, the El País English edition is a much needed, much desired publication by all those Spain-loving people whom can’t read Spanish. It’d be nice if more Spanish publications were represented in English too so we could compare opinions and politics. It’s not good to get just one side of the story. If I read it and I like it – and if “that says something about me,” then so be it. If you want to read a cage-rattling newspaper – as compared to the others, read “Público” (only in Spanish). It’s quite a jump left from El País and is one of the top 4 selling non-sports newspapers in Spain.

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