Spain loses to USA in Confederations Cup Semifinal

fernando-torres-spain-loses-to-usa-2009.jpgThe USA National Soccer Team, never (ever!) known as Giant Killers, came a step closer to earning the title for the first time.

Last night, USA stunned Spain in the soccer semifinal of the Confederations Cup in South Africa, a game everyone thought would be an easy win for Spain – the European Champion. Final Score: 2-0. The first goal was scored in the first half by Jozy Altidore. The second goal, much more spectacular, was scored in the second half by Clint Dempsey near the net and through the legs of ex-Atlético de Madrid star (and Madrid-born) Fernando Torres and past forever-National-team-goalie and team captain Iker Casillas.

Spain will play Sunday for a third-place medal while the USA will also play Sunday in the Final against Brazil, last year’s Champion.

You have to wonder if Spain was overconfident with history, numerous recent wins, and top-shelf players running the grass with all opponents, possibly underestimating an admittedly embattled USA team in the Confederations Cup if not also in world reputation.

After reading through many articles and accompanying comments by Spaniards, one thing seems clear; first, Spaniards are very congratulatory to the American Team for what they’ve accomplished. A second thing is clear, Spain WAS overconfident and NO ONE was expecting much resistance by the lowly American team. Apparently, everyone was already talking about the Spain-Brazil final, bypassing the remote possibility of a win by the USA. This is what happens in sport; it’s when you don’t give due respect to your opponent that they rise up and bite you in the rear. I’ve seen this countless times in University Football games in the USA.

Interesting Spanish titles of articles written for this morning’s publication include (translated into English):

  • Disaster: Made in the USA
  • Spain Is Human Too
  • Spain Eliminated
  • Yankees Drop Us from the Clouds
  • USA Puts the Breaks on the “Red’s” Records & Euphoria
  • How Strange it is to Lose!
  • Spain Loses its Style
  • USA Derails Spain’s Legend
  • Spain: Under the Obama Syndrome
  • The American “Marines” Overwhelm Spain
  • Spain Choked by USA
  • We Are Not Invincible

Don’t expect another blog entry should the USA team beat Brazil in
Sunday’s final. I’m not really a fútbol/football (i.e. “soccer”) fan
but always try to catch the biggest games which involve Spain. Gotta
keep up with what’s on the lips of the common man on the street,

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