Pac-Man Christmas Tree in Madrid

Funny how we accidentally find things on the internet which interest us or make us laugh. This is what happened just a couple minutes ago and felt it was an appropriate, relative thing about which to make a posting.

pac-man-christmas-tree-madrid-2007.jpgI happened upon a specific, Madrid Christmas-related posting on a technology Spanish blog (i.e. “WebLog”) called entitled “Árbol de Navidad Comecocos, oseasé Pac-Man Xmas Tree“. In English that’s “Coconut-Eating Christmas Tree, or Pac-Man Xmas Tree”.

It seem that in Spain, “back in the day”, the popular Pac-Man video
game was instead lovingly called “Comecocos” or “Coconut Eaters”.
Cute, huh!

In the posting they said the Pac-Man Christmas Tree is apparently located in the Azca business district of Madrid. The tree is a 4-sided pyramid and shows the video game in lights complete with dot-eating ghosts and also a few stars and tiny Christmas trees thrown in to make it more Christmassy. Apparently the dot-eating ghosts are stationary and do not move around the Christmas tree. But wouldn’t it be COOL if they did? Harder to make too, I’m sure.

Below I’m including the YouTube video which posted in that particular blog entry. Enjoy!

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