BLOGGING comes to!

Welcome to MadridMan’s FIRST EVER blog entry, direct from Madrid Spain!

Here, you’ll find my own personal experiences, insights, and commentary. Some of you will think, “Sure! That’s SUCH an obvious observation! Who does this guy think he is?” While others will think, “Huh! I never thought of that.” Still others will think, “Hmmm.. I wouldn’t have written such a thing online. I might THINK it, but I’d never make it public NOR EVER ADMIT I thought such a thing.”

This is MadridMan’s Blog; sometimes controversial, sometimes insightful, and sometimes so-true-it-hurts. It’s my hope that the reader will at the very least find it entertaining if not interesting.

Other Spain-wide discussions on all topics can be found on our ALL SPAIN Message Board as always.

So welcome to MadridMan’s Madrid Spain Blog. Entries won’t likely be daily but frequent.

Saludos, MadridMan

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2 Responses to BLOGGING comes to!

  1. billy the man says:

    well hello MadridMan dont know how i found this site but it looks like another winner. how you find time to go to the pictures/dining/valencia/gym with all your facts and figures to find is amazing,i have enjoyed reading up on your blogs and giving an insight into how Madrillians live ther life sounds bliss,
    keep up the good work and dont leave it to long to blog
    regards billy

  2. Puna says:

    MM – This is super! Especially enjoyed your comments on “the realities” of living in Madrid – or elsewhere for that matter. Think you addressed a very real reason for so many ex-pats disillusionment in that blog.

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