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The “Spanish Image” for Travelers

When traveling, we all have an “image” in our minds of the destinations we’re planning to visit. For Paris, we imagine the City of Lights with it’s grand Eiffel Tower and stereotypically snooty French attitudes. For Venice, it’s the romantic, … Continue reading

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2007 Madrid Drought Recovery

TeleMadrid reported on TV this morning that the region’s reservoirs/embalses are at about 78% – up about 40+% from last year’s horrible drought conditions. We’ve been particularly LUCKY this summer, having very mild temperatures and a surprising amount of rain … Continue reading

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BLOGGING comes to!

Welcome to MadridMan’s FIRST EVER blog entry, direct from Madrid Spain! Here, you’ll find my own personal experiences, insights, and commentary. Some of you will think, “Sure! That’s SUCH an obvious observation! Who does this guy think he is?” While … Continue reading

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