2007 Madrid Drought Recovery

TeleMadrid reported on TV this morning that the region’s reservoirs/embalses are at about 78% – up about 40+% from last year’s horrible drought conditions. We’ve been particularly LUCKY this summer, having very mild temperatures and a surprising amount of rain – throughout Spain, really. Still, thoughtfully, the regional Madrid government for water conservation, Canal de Isabel II , continues running it’s public service announcements to conserve water.

I must say I’m truly impressed with the amount of effort and resources put into promoting ecological and conservation programs here in Madrid and Spain in general. It’s definitely a good thing. A recent report said that 80% of madrileños recycle glass. Good. But they didn’t mention plastics and paper. It’s so frustrating walking through the streets and seeing people, usually store owners, throwing cardboard boxes into the trash. MOST people do recycle but not everyone, particularly not in the poorer parts of Madrid/Spain. MORE frustrating is walking behind people on the sidewalk as they tear off their plastic wrappers and casually release them to the winds.

I’m proud to say that I have almost NO TRASH to take to the trash containers. In fact, I probably only make one trip to throw out trash per week – while my recycling bags overflow with plastics, glass, metals, and paper! Makes me feel good to do my part. RECYCLE, WORLD! I realize recycling containers aren’t convenient or even available in some parts of the world but please do make an effort. Love your world and it’ll love you back.

BE GREEN! Saludos, MadridMan

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