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Last Day of Summer Vacation 2009

Tomorrow – or today – is the last day of summer vacation in Spain and in many European countries. Today is the 31st of August and many Spaniards have been on holiday the entire month, facing not only return traffic … Continue reading

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Last Day of July in Spain

Talk about your “FLUFF” topics!! Today’s Friday – and the last day in July. So technically, we’re about midway through the summer holiday season. What does that mean? It means that half of the Spanish population is returning home from … Continue reading

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Summer Vacation Exodus Begins in Spain

Although it’s already July 3rd, many workers finished out the week to start vacations this Friday afternoon. This fact is verified by 32 kilometers of traffic jams on all of Madrid’s (and in nearly all of Spain’s cities) out-going highways … Continue reading

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End of Summer in Spain

It’s officially the END OF SUMMER in Spain. And while not the OFFICIAL end of summer by the calendar, the Spaniards here will swear it’s all over. ALL OVER. Done. Finished. Summer in Spain essentially starts July 1 and ends … Continue reading

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Madrid at Peace in Summer

Today is July 6th and the summer has officially begun. How do I know this? Mainly because when you walk the streets of Madrid you see very few cars, very few people on the streets, and many many available parking … Continue reading

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