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Women in the Men’s Locker Room

Although the title makes it sound like a scene from a sexy porno movie, the fact remains that there are constantly women in the men’s locker room at my gym! On at least 10 different occasions I’ve seen the cleaning … Continue reading

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When an American is a Spaniard

Last Friday, when at the gym, I saw a guy there whom I’ve seen at the gym several times. He’s probably about 22 years old, short, rather round, blond hair, blue eyes, wears glasses and Nike weight-lifting shoes. On previous … Continue reading

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Madrid Gym Observations

Today’s blog entry is somewhat of a rant and has little to do with Madrid or with Spain – I hope. DISCLAIMER: The following is not intended to generalize about all health clubs in Madrid or the exercise professionals working … Continue reading

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Topless Sunbathing in Madrid & Spain

What a country, eh? Okay, I realize topless sunbathing is not exclusive to Madrid. But HERE is where I have most of my experience – with topless sunbathing!! Most weekdays I go to the gym in hopes of staving off … Continue reading

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