Women in the Men’s Locker Room

Although the title makes it sound like a scene from a sexy porno movie, the fact remains that there are constantly women in the men’s locker room at my gym! On at least 10 different occasions I’ve seen the cleaning women in the men’s locker room. Doesn’t this strike anyone else as being odd? Or maybe it’s simply explained by the phrase, “This is Spain.”

The first time, I was standing at the locker room urinal doing my bid’ness when I heard rustling behind me at the always-locked supply closet. I turned my head to see a short, middle-aged woman wearing what looked like loose-fitting hospital scrubs. Quickly, I turned my head back, eyes front, hands steady at the wheel…. Suddenly, I was nervous, shifting slightly my orientation in the opposite direction to further block any potential gaze until she left with her bags, bottles and such. “Whew. That was a close call. What’s she doing in here?!”

Another time I was arriving at the gym and entered the locker room. No sooner had I turned the corner when I was passed by another woman, same hospital-looking garb, wearing yellow rubber gloves and carrying cleaning supplies. She was on her way out. But as soon as I passed her at least 2 naked men were entering the showers, crossing the same path which she had just walked.

On a different day, I was getting dressed and facing my open locker door, sinching up my shorts when another cleaning lady, this one much younger, passed through the entire length of the locker room. No one flinched, No one grabbed a towel. No one said a word. AND THESE WERE SPANISH MEN!!!

The above accounts happened at my current gym, where I’ve been going for about 1.5 years. At my previous gym, at the “Piscina Miami”,  the same kinds of things happened until the closed for some building violation. The building, which was a combination-use gym and swimming pool, and has since been demolished.

Even at that previous gym there were always women in the men’s locker room, casually mopping the floors and cleaning the toilets every morning at 9am, shortly after they opened. And there I was in all my morning glory getting dressed. Actually, my “glory” was nothing more than me in a sweat suit because I always arrived fully dressed and ready to peel-off the sweats and get bizzy. But many other guys at that gym were struttin’ their stuff when walking from their lockers to the showers after a workout.

At first I thought it must be difficult working in such an environment, seeing all these naked, sometimes muscular men in the same place where you work. Or maybe, like male gynecologists, when you see this kind of thing everyday you become totally desensitized to it all. And maybe the same goes for the guys in the locker room whom see these cleaning women in their daily midst. No big dillio.

I’ve YET to see any high-heal-wearing cleaning ladies with tight shorts, tight half-shirts, with large artificial breasts, winking at all the guys as she struts through the locker room like in the porno movies – not that I’d know anything about that. This is a family forum, afterall. Gyms are places for getting “fit“, not for getting “it“.

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