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Last Day of Summer in Spain 2011

Today is it, August 31st, the last day of Summer for Spaniards. For most students, summer lasts until school starts. But for adults it lasts until you have to go back to work – and in the case of Spaniards, … Continue reading

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Last Day of Summer Vacation 2009

Tomorrow – or today – is the last day of summer vacation in Spain and in many European countries. Today is the 31st of August and many Spaniards have been on holiday the entire month, facing not only return traffic … Continue reading

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Shops Closed Saturday Morning in Madrid?

It was an odd morning this Saturday morning. I got up late, had breakfast, showered, and went out to do the morning shopping at around noon. I first went to the pollería (chicken shop) and found it oddly closed. They’re … Continue reading

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First Day of August in Madrid

Warning: Fluff Posting Number 2… It happens every 1st day of the month. I tell myself, “This month I’ll write a blog entry EVERY DAY.” Of course, this has NEVER happened, but I did get close one time, posting about … Continue reading

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August Closings in Madrid and Spain

There’s very little traffic. There are lots of parking spaces are available. Fewer people are evident in downtown Madrid – except for the tourists. These all sound like wonderful assets for those Spaniards whom stay close to home in Madrid … Continue reading

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