February 29, 2024

It never ceases to amaze me the things we happen to find on the internet.

Just now, I was searching “back-links” to MadridMan.com and happened upon the following July 18, 2003 Blogger blog entry about MadridMan.com. It’s interesting to read what others have written about MadridMan and MadridMan.com from, what, nearly 6 years ago now:

Friday, July 18, 2003

There isn’t much going on in my mind tonight. It was a rough work week. My rent is going up. My life seems dry. Even the dog acts like she’s bored with me. Apparently, I need a long vacation.

The one place I really want to visit, and that I haven’t yet visited, is Madrid. Sometimes, when I get in moods like the one I’m in now, I head over to MadridMan’s Yankee Home Page and think about actually going. I’ve been visiting MadridMan’s site for years, longer than I’ve been (regularly) visiting just about any other site. He lives in Columbus, Ohio (he loves those Buckeyes), and he’s about my age. His interest in Madrid seems to be a big part of his identity. Naturally enough, he started a site that has gradually become downright comprehensive. There are links to Spanish radio and TV stations, photos from his several trips to Spain, message boards for those planning their own trips, links to Spanish news sources, and on and on and on.

MadridMan also has a webcam at his desk. I don’t know why I find it so compelling, but I do. Tonight, for instance, as I write this, MadridMad is sitting at his desk, in what is now his familiar living room, working away. He’s shirtless, as he often is, and he seems pretty content. I don’t know what the webcam has to do, really, with providing information about Madrid, but it makes me feel like I know him just a little bit. Somehow, it makes him seem all the more trustworthy. And–on a night, like tonight, when the world seems a
bit awry–it’s comforting to know that MadridMan is there.

Should I plan a winter trip to Madrid?

posted by Jimmy  # 11:50 PM

The above is an interesting account of what a “normal visitor” sees at MadridMan.com. The MadridMan Live Cam has been online for more than 11 years. Wow, that’s a long time. Here are a few of the funniest webcam photos “caught on camera” – I’m not including the naked and near-naked photos of which I DO HAVE SAVED but will never show again in any public forum. Hahahaa… Note the dates of these Live WebCam photos:

madridman1.jpg cascajares.jpg
MMxmascards.jpg 2MADRIDplate.jpg
punocoat1.jpg Mmm41802.jpg
madrid03trip.jpg guitar9-25-04a.jpg
11202004OSUvUM.jpg 10-07-2005toMadrid.jpg
1020-07osu-goodluck.jpg 2009-5-march-madridman.jpg
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2 thoughts on “2003 Blog Entry About MadridMan WebCam

  1. You were looking pretty Buff there in 2002. I too have followed your blog for about 10 or 11 years. I remember finding it one day and was thrilled that you had the webcams in Madrid links, photos, and loved reading your journal when you made your trips to Madrid. Ahh…the internet is a wonderful thing.
    Tam in Tampa

  2. Thanks, Tam! Everything changes with time. Time stops for no man or woman or other creature. 2002 was both a great and difficult year for many many reasons. Being “buff” was more of a side-effect of a condition more than anything. Sure, I exercised like crazy but I had a lot of stress in my life at that time and exercise was how I dealt with it. Now things are better. I still exercise but only to fight-the-flab for upcoming class and family reunions this summer. It’s good to give oneself a goal and that’s how I get through it. MadridMan.com has gone through similar difficult times but, so far, they’ve always worked out. Let’s see how this current world economic crisis will affect things related to my work!

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