10-Year Anniversary for MadridMan.com

How time flies. It passed almost without notice. MadridMan.com‘s 10 Year Anniversary passed me without fanfare, without parties, without cork-popping champagne bottles. The 10-year anniversary passed on July 20th, 2007 for the domain name registration (then $100 per year to buy/renew!). The previous year, 1996, “MadridMan’s Yankee Home Page” was actually born.

On July 20th, 2007 I was in Ohio, USA visiting my parents and other family after a 1-year absence in the homeland. That day came and went and I didn’t give it a thought. How does that happen? Something SO PROFOUND in my life, something that shaped my character, my focus, and my professional future, and it went unnoticed.

My sister recently told me the same thing with the passing of her 10-year wedding anniversary in that a friend had to remind them of the milestone reached. I guess it happens. We tend to take things for granted to a certain degree WHILE taking care of the day-to-day details of maintaining the organism; in this case, MadridMan.com.

Ideas are tossed around in my head about how to observe or commemorate the occasion, the 10-year anniversary of MadridMan.com, and I really can’t decide if it even warrants such commemoration. Like any big birthday, 16th (you can drive in the USA), your 21st (you can legally drink alcohol in the USA), your 30th (you’re 30, for God’s sake! No more fooling around with your life. You’re finally a real adult!), your 40th (oh gawd. You’re halfway there!) your 50th (wow, you’re really old now), your 75th birthday (wow, you’re REALLY REALLY OLD now! Tick Tock. Don’t buy a new car!) probably deserves at least some small cake and gathering of close friends, right? I’m not sure. Maybe it SHOULD be taken for granted.

Should press releases be sent? Should the local TV stations be called and potentially face video cameras in my home – and with my awful Spanish (which is improving) and face potential public humiliation? Should I call the local government and request a meeting? hehee.. Okay. No. Not that much. But a dinner, at least? A big, blow-out “Party With MadridMan in Madrid”, maybe?? At the very least this last one, right? But how? Where? And would anyone attend? Wouldn’t it be shameful and embarrassing if I rent out a large, elegant hall, invite a hundred people, and 15 show up only looking for free food and beer? AND THEN I have to report that!? The potential for disaster always exists, I know, but the potential BOOM could be great as well. Regardless, it’s a risk.

But who needs it, right? I doubt USATODAY.com publicly celebrated their, what, 20th Anniversary. I don’t know. I just don’t know what to do. I welcome comments on this one. I’m sure the majority of comments will be supportive and positive, thank you for those, but I’ll welcome the negative ones too.

Saludos, MadridMan (2 glasses of Rueda wine and I’m all nostalgic)

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