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Last Day of July in Spain

Talk about your “FLUFF” topics!! Today’s Friday – and the last day in July. So technically, we’re about midway through the summer holiday season. What does that mean? It means that half of the Spanish population is returning home from … Continue reading

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Spain Travel by Bus, Train, or Airplane?

People often ask me which is the best way to travel around Spain for the visitor. Answering this question is always difficult because “the best way” means different things to different people and many details must be considered before deciding. … Continue reading

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Madrid Spring: Easy and Simple

Sunday night, 11pm. I just had my dinner (leftovers from lunch) of baked chicken (in soy sauce) and chicken croquets along with a rosé Peñascal wine. Very good. Slightly effervescent. I was having my dinner at the table in the … Continue reading

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