July 21, 2024

Fear stimulates the economy – and the H1N1 Swine Flu virus “pandemic” scare is helping a lot during this worldwide economic crisis. In other times wars were started to pull us out of recession and put people to work.

The big “winners” of such a scare are the pharmaceutical companies. Other big winners are the media outlets themselves, many of which have never had higher TV ratings, higher newspaper sales, or greater circulation. Secondary winners go to those in the health care-related industry, whether privately or publicly driven institutions, hiring more personnel, opening up new health centers under the guise of “Better Serving Joe Citizen“, and justifying already bloated budgets. Other “winners” include companies producing health-related products like anti-bacterial hand cleansers. Consumer Reports itself that “Antibacterial soaps do not kill viruses“:

Washing your hands frequently with regular soap and water
is important to help prevent the spread of germs.  But while
antibacterial products may seem like a stronger cleaning option, they
are no more effective in cleaning your hands than regular soap and
water–and they do not kill viruses like H1N1 (swine) flu.

Just in the last few months I’ve started to see antibacterial gels being sold at the end-caps and check-out lanes at supermarkets. And these gels are expensive!!! The same gels being sold in the USA are a tiny fraction of the cost. Why is that? Because people are afraid. And when people are afraid, no price is too high for security. Unfortunately, poor education and overzealous media have convinced us that washing your hands – and frequently – can help slow or stop the spread or contraction of the “Gripe A” or Swine Flu here in Spain.

Reports estimate the risks to pregnant women contracting Swine Flu is 1 in 300,000. One friend in the USA told me two pregnant women in her community died from Swine Flu. That is truly terrible. She didn’t know if H1F1 virus was confirmed via an autopsy or before death, but I wondered if these same women would have died had they contracted the typical seasonal flu virus. I also wondered if these same women had been vaccinated – during pregnancy – with one of these new vaccines to supposedly ward off the H1F1 virus. If so, this may also have explained their death as vaccinations of any kind for pregnant women can be very dangerous.

The media jumps all over scares such as these and the public eats it up with a big spoon. There are constant, long-length coverage, discussions, and debates on this topic and all their “experts” seem to be on the same page. So you might say, “If everyone (on TV) agrees, how could it be anything but the truth?” This is an excellent question.

A nurse friend of mine at a local Madrid hospital told me just last night that there’s a great increase of people in their waiting rooms, presumably scared to death they’ve contracted the Swine Flu after their first cough, when few – or none – actually have it. She also told me that even the doctors at that hospital have commented that all the “special scare” is for nothing, that those who may die from the “Gripe A” typically die because they have some pre-existing health condition which lowers their ability to fend off the flu, ANY FLU, not just the H1N1 flu. People with “normal defenses” will get over this flu in 3 days and be good as new, just like any other flu. Still, the public is taking Swine Flu in Spain very seriously.

The U.S. Government bought 140 Million Units of the vaccine to fight what could be (or could have been) a serious epidemic/pandemic. I don’t have any problem in being prepared. But then they realized the seriousness of the H1N1 Virus was no where near the original apocalyptic estimates.

There have been fewer deaths from any flu this year than last year. In terms of flu, this has been one of the mildest flus ever recorded. So far, 5,400 people have died from this flu – out of 7 Billion people on the planet.

Take a look at the 9, 10-minute videos below of Dr. Mercola‘s Swine Flu Interview with Dr. Blaylock either below or, even better, on his article posted just today entitled, “Swine Flu: One of the Most Massive Cover-ups in American History“. Better to watch the video on his website than via YouTube.com because the videos on YouTube is confusing and all 9-parts don’t seem to be available. Listening to 90-minutes of video on this topic sounds boring but it’s extremely enlightening. You might think, “How could HE be right about all this and go against common public perception?” Another good question. But would he have to gain by this? It couldn’t be financial gain. Popularity? Maybe. Get more “hits” on his website? Possibly.

Regarding vaccines in general and including the H1N1 vaccine, Dr. Blaylock states, “…Vaccines, this is a secret among vaccine manufacturers, that there is no way to remove a large amount of viral contaminants, bacterial products, DNA fragments, from these vaccines, it just cannot be done… It’s physically impossible. They do not even test the vaccines for dozens and dozens of known containment viruses that exist in the animals they’re using. For instance, the monkey has literally dozens of viruses in their cells. Chickens, that they’re growing these in eggs, well chickens have numerous viruses, mainly of which are sarcoma viruses, cancer viruses, these cannot be removed.

Look, I’m no doctor, have never played on on TV, and never saved anyone’s life. So don’t take MY word for it. I only encourage the public not to take everything fed to them as the gospel truth. I realize the vast majority of information on the internet, television, newspapers and magazines is overwhelming. Your doctor should know the truth about the “Gripe A” or Swine Flu but many of them aren’t even aware of the dangers of vaccinations, many doctors have no idea of how vaccines are produced or the long-lasting and dangerous affects of these vaccines. Plus, many doctors have agreements with certain pharmaceutical companies to sell – or promote – certain brands of medicines so don’t take for granted that all doctor’s necessarily have your health in their best interest.

Take some time, breathe deep, open your mind, and think for yourself. Read, listen, and explore. You have only your peace of mind to gain and time to spend. Time’s valuable, I know, but spend a few minutes to potentially gain a great deal in education. Raise your own consciousness.

Remember the pandemic scare of “The Bird Flu”? Did anyone die from that in the USA? “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” How many times can we fall for the same trick?

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  1. Reminds me ofthe government and Al qaeda , which I though was similar to George Orwells 1984 and the invisable enemy . There is no doubt Al qaeda exists and has done some terrible things . But we shouldnt fear for our safety as much as some would have us believe

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