June 20, 2024

It’s amazing to me that for the last 5 days, “Super Tuesday” is a headline across Spain and probably across the globe. A lot is riding on this one for both the Democrats and the Republicans – and for the world.

The topic seems to be on the lips of most Spaniards as well. Just in the last 24 hours it seemed that every commercial break included a news clip about today, “Super Tuesday”.

Last Sunday I went to a luncheon here in Madrid with about 12 other people, mostly Spaniards. I was the only American. The American Primaries were on everyones mind. Is this normal? Do Spaniards really care that much about the PRIMARIES in the United States? I can understand the Presidential elections being of great interest to everyone in the world…. but the primaries? Maybe it’s more for the novelty of the two Democrats running; one white woman and one black man. Or maybe it’s the possibility of “newness” of power for a woman or for a black man in The White House – a first in US History.

I’m registered with one of the political parties and to no surprise they’ve been sending me about half a dozen emails per day!! The Democratic Party is holding “Live Elections” here in Madrid and also in Barcelona. The Republican Party, is seems, is not. I’m not sure why. If anyone knows where/if Republicans one can vote here in Madrid please send me an
email or include a comment to this post and I’ll include it. Thanks!

In Madrid, the Democratic Party is having a Super Tuesday/Fat Tuesday combo party at Star CafĂ© on Calle Serrano Jove, 5 – Metro Arguelles) from 8pm to 2am where one can vote live (or online if registered) and Mardi Gras party with live music.

What’s going to happen? Who knows. Will we be better off with a new political party in the White House? Who knows. Time and history will tell.

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