Dinnertime smells in the air

Mmmm.. It’s 10pm, it’s still summer, everyone’s windows are open, and some of the most amazing, most delicious smells are coming through my window now. Mmmm.. IF ONLY my own kitchen smelled THIS good – but it never does.

Cooking for me usually entails nothing more than opening a bag, pouring contents into a pan, adding water (or not), and heating for 15 minutes. That’s a typical MadridMan meal for dinner – when I have dinner, that is. Pathetic,  ain’t it? Sure it is. Oftentimes I’ll only have a light dinner consisting of nothing more than nuts or fruit or a yogurt, all depending on the size and the time I’ve had lunch. My lunches are usually LARGE, however, and often consisting of soup, or home-cooked pork or chicken fillets, “Cocido Madrileño”  from a can, or even the same add-water-and-heat pasta or rice meals. My best lunches, obviously, take place in restaurants when meeting friends downtown. Oh how I long for these meetings to not only meet with good or new friends but also to have a decent meal!

Food in Spain is almost like a religion. And if that’s true, I must be an atheist because I’m no cook! I try and sometimes I succeed with something unusual – or at least something good and totally home-made – but that’s an irregularity, an anomaly. My effort usually comes when someone says, “Hey, I’m coming over for lunch/dinner” and then I have no excuse but to TRY to makes something fresh. Today’s lunch consisted of an American-Style frozen pizza (“Arizona”, it was called, “American Style Pizza”) and Mexican-style rice from a bag (add water). It was very very tasty and made me a little homesick for REAL Mexican food (i.e. “real” from the United States – which isn’t likely to be very similar to Mexican food in Mexico!). I’ve even eaten at Mexican restaurants here in Madrid and, well, it’s just not the same, not as good to these taste buds.

Anyone want to invite MadridMan to lunch or dinner? Send me an email or post an OPEN INVITATION to our message board members HERE! We’re frequently having lunchtime get-togethers in downtown Madrid – I LOVE THESE. And from time to time we schedule a nighttime gathering at some bar or terraza.

I think I love typical Spanish food even more than Spaniards themselves! But then, I’ve only been enjoying it for the last decade of my life. Right now I have an urge for Patatas Bravas! Mmmm…. Guess I’ll settle for nuts, yogurt, and a glass of Rueda white wine.

Here’s to Spanish food! Raise your glass, world! You’re in for a treat!

Saludos, MadridMan

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